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Ethical Brand Spotlight: Bridge & Burn

I am a huge fan of ethical fashion, which is why it’s such a joy to come across new brands who are also carrying the banner! May I introduce my new favorite, Portland-based apparel company: Bridge & Burn.

Summer is in full swing here in Cheyenne; and my, is it a treat! This town really wakes up during the warmer months (everyone’s finally out of hibernation) and there is always something fun to do.

Just this week we enjoyed live music at the Depot Plaza, Cheyenne’s Hispanic Festival, and Yoga with Kittens, an absolutely darling event promoting kitten adoptions at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. 

I won’t let a single ray of summer sunshine slip out of my fingers!  In the midst of all the activity, one of my very favorite things about summertime has been the chance to break out some fun new outfits. I really enjoy selecting high-quality, warm weather pieces that I know I’ll look forward to pulling out of the closet years down the road. Don’t you?

One brand that I keep returning to, again and again, is Bridge & Burn, an amazing ethical and sustainable, Northwest apparel company, based out of Portland, Oregon. (Woohoo, PNW!).

Every single Bridge & Burn piece is thoughtfully designed by their Portland-local studio team; and let me tell you, thoughtful is the right way to describe their clothing.

Everything in their collection can go “straight from dinner to the woods,” while remaining versatile, durable, and distinctively West Coast. Here’s a peek at two of my favorite pieces!

Inspired by utilitarian outerwear, the 100% olive cotton ‘Dana Woodland’ is all I ever wanted in a military-style jacket. It is so sturdy – the kind of sturdy that makes you feel like you can take on the world! But don’t worry about it being boxy; this jacket has a lovely drawstring middle to effortlessly create shape and definition.

I could easily see myself rocking this jacket in every single season of the year. It is incredibly versatile and, trust me, it will hold up for ages to come. 

Blouse: Bridge & Burn // Denim: Madewell

The ‘May Grey Stripe’ blouse speaks ‘picnic!’ to me. Well-constructed and flattering on all body types, this blouse could be easily tucked into a high-waisted jean (like I did here) or dressed up with a skirt and a pair of vintage heels. 

The dolman sleeves and shoulder pleats add a beautiful modern touch to this classic button-down. And it’s available in several alternate colors: black painted stripe, sky blue, blue gingham, and even indigo seersucker!

Bridge & Burn’s Sustainability Story

Bridge & Burn is known for its uncompromising commitment to high-quality manufacturing. You won’t find any loose fibers or pilling here. I mean, come on, just look at that detail!

At the root of this amazing garment quality is a genuine commitment to small manufacturing. Bridge & Burn produces less than 150 pieces per style, working in coordination with factory owners that hold both “production quality and social welfare to the highest standard.” They are a model for slow, sustainable growth.

All Bridge & Burn garments are designed in Portland, and then manufactured in both China and the US. T-shirts, knits, and totes are made custom in San Francisco, California, and additional manufacturing is done through a small Canadian-owned boutique factory in China. 

You can find out more about Bridge & Burn’s commitment to quality, ethically-made clothing right here.

Ready to shop? Visit Bridge & Burn’s online marketplace, or pop into their flagship store located at: 1122 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR.


Thursday 29th of June 2017

Hi Lauren! I’m a big fan of your blog! Love this post and photos. But could you tell me why Bridge & Burn is an ethical brand? Most of their clothing is made in China and the environmental impact would be the same as any company manufacturing in Asia. What are the deciding factors for an “ethical brand”? I am genuinely interested as it’s something I see a lot lately and am unsure what that really means. I’d be grateful for your insight! Thanks, Lauren!


Friday 7th of July 2017

Hi Mata! Thanks so much for your comment. Bridge & Burn's garments are partially made in the United States (LA and Portland) and partially in China. While I understand your concern about goods being manufactured in China, I would be wary of overgeneralizing. Bridge & Burn partners with a boutique Canadian manufacturer that produces small, high-quality runs (versus mass-made) and holds itself to very high standards for social welfare.

Here's what they have to say about it: "We know that the quality of a garment depends on the skill of the sewer—no matter where it’s made—and we work with the best. Our sewers work under excellent conditions and are fairly compensated for their work. Not only does our factory comply with regional laws and regulations and US import requirements, the owner helped establish international standards for fair labor practices. He believes in—and lives out—slow, sustainable growth."

When trying to decide if a brand is "ethical" or "sustainable," or whether or not it deserves your business, I would start by familiarizing yourself with the issues in the industry, then examining how the brand matches up. Typically, this involves looking into company transparency, environmental impact, labor rights, women's rights, corporate social responsibility, chemical use, waste management, and use of natural resources.

I would also highly recommend checking out Ethical Consumer, GoodGuide, Rank a Brand, and Free 2 Work when you have a chance! These organizations do a great job of vetting brands in regards to a variety of social and environmental issues.

Happy shopping!