best netflix documentaries on sustainability

To Watch in 2022

Sustainability documentaries allow us to discover nature’s wonders, accompany famous scientists, and witness history.

Netflix has amazing documentaries on sustainability dealing with the natural world, environmental issues, and overconsumption.

Documentaries on sustainability

Beyond just showing a variety of ecosystems inaccessible to most humans, this series also emphasizes how fragile these places are and how humanity must do more to protect them.

our planet

Is your avocado toast harming the planet? If you’ve always wondered how your food is actually produced and how you can make more informed, sustainable choices, this series is for you.


When filmmaker and photographer Craig Foster met a young octopus swimming near his home in South Africa, he decided to visit her every day for the next year.


Could you be happier if you had less? This is the question Minimalism looks to answer as it examines our way of live and our obsession with always striving for more.


For this documentary, the directors, crew, and several subjects spent 16 months undercover, investigating the poaching of elephants and smuggling of ivory to China.

the ivory game

This list of documentaries about sustainability and environmental issues has got you covered.  Take a look!

best netflix documentaries on sustainability