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If you’re in the market for some new shades this year, choose from these sustainable sunglass brands for the coolest eyewear that won’t hurt the planet.

There are many options to consider before buying a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses. Take a look at the materials as well as how the sunglasses are produced!


You also want the standard features of a good pair of sunglasses: UV protection, a solid fit, longevity, and Polarization.

standard features

Blue Planet has committed to creating and selling products that are good for the environment and the health of everyone who uses them.


Seaclean converts plastic bottles into stylish sustainable  sunglasses that can be customized to fit your prescription lenses.

seaclean sunglasses

This US-based small business creates fair-wage jobs for the local population. Plus, they upcycle plastic water bottles and transforming them into uber-cool eyewear.


A sustainable brand founded in Melbourne, Australia, is devoted to transparency. All of Elk’s frames are made from plant-based biodegradable materials.

elk eyewear

The most sustainable sunglasses are the ones that you already have, or finding second hand options at thrift shops.