Eco-Friendly Alternatives to

The environment is a serious issue, but being conscious about it shouldn’t mean that you can’t have fun!

Latex and rubber are natural materials but it can take many years for them to break down. Plastic, on the other hand, never really degrades.

balloons and the environment

You can have fun and decorate for parties to reduce your impact on the environment, as there are plenty of options to provide an eco alternative to balloons.

ECO-FRIENDLY alternatives

A sustainable alternative to balloons for decoration is paper chains. Make a room bright and festive by making long chains, and hanging them in garlands.

paper chains

Trying to create a ‘surprise’ moment, confetti is a good alternative to balloons. Just be sure to find biodegradable, non-plastic confetti, preferably made from natural materials.

eco confetti

Another alternative room decoration to balloons, is to make bunting or garlands. Something that will be long-lasting but takes a bit more time, sew cloth shapes across a piece of ribbon or string.

buntings and garlands

There are plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives to balloons, to use as decorations, in celebratory moments, party toys, and water fights.