Fast fashion is a disaster when it comes to the environment, unethical labor practices, and promoting a consumerist lifestyle. Also, big brands do their best to hide this reality!

which brands avoid?

Basically, all those who constantly produce high volumes of clothing throughout the year. They employ cheap labor, use cheap fabrics, and operate on a quantity over quality ethos.

Recently, the company announced a number of goals and targets to ensure their brand becomes more sustainable in the future, but changes are so far unnoticeable.



Investigations found out that the company's manufacturing involved child labor as part of an organic and fair-trade cotton program. Also, they thrown away hundreds of unsold products.


Primark is one of the worst fast fashion brands in the UK. Their business model is based on "buy once, wear once" and their clothes are mostly made of poor materials.

Fashion Nova

One of the main fast fashion companies to avoid. They appear to copy designer clothes which is not only infringement of original design but also arises questions about this company ethics.

German based brand, New Yorker is a company that does not share any information on their practices or sustainability targets for the future.

new yorker

Guess was founded in the U.S. and although they released plans in 2021 to become more sustainable, inclusive and product responsible, many of these goals are still to be achieved.