You Need To Know


It’s easy to take water for granted. However, with very little of the water in the world safe to drink, it’s important that we implement changes to ensure that we are not being wasteful.

Studies predict that by 2025 two-thirds of the planet will run short of water, and that by 2030 around 700 million people could be displaced from their homes due to scarcity of water.

Water Waste

A surprising waste water fact is the 3.5 gallons that is used every time you flush your toilet, resulting in 6.8 billion gallons of water being flushed every day in America.

The bathroom

Many companies use huge amounts of water in their production processes. This is a major issue as to why the world is running short of water resources.

industrial water waste

Dishwashers are actually more efficient than hand-washing dishes. An efficient dishwasher uses around 4 gallons per eco cycle versus hand washing which uses up to 27 gallons.

household appliances

A huge 3.3 acre feet of water is needed to grow enough food for the average household every year, the equivalent to 3 full-size football pitches.

food production

Considering all these facts, it becomes even more apparent that we need to take action! By implementing small, simple changes in our own lives, we can make a significant difference for future generations.