Stories of sustainability introduce role models and challenge us to imagine the future we want. They also empower us, providing concrete steps we can take to get started.

types of books on sustainability

From politics and economics to indigenous wisdom and gardening, there are a variety of approaches to sustainability. These books will show you the way forward.

Small is Beautiful is an oldie but a goodie. Published in 1973, this book has been a statement on sustainability for decades. And it only gets more relevant every year.


diet for a hot planet

There’s something fundamentally wrong with our food system, and this book delves into the reasons why. A must read for everyone.

cradle to cradle

This book challenges the way the traditional “cradle to grave” cycle works and envisions a world where we don’t have to harm the environment in order to create new products.

The human age

This book is celebrated for its unique insight into the natural world and humans’ place in it. It argues that there is no force more meddlesome or more influential than we are.

The Future Earth walks us through an imagined future showing what the world could look like if we commit to taking drastic action now.

the future earth

Whether you want to help shape the world or simply learn a bit more about your environmental footprint, this list of books on sustainability will help get you started!