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12 Best Zero Waste & Sustainable Subscription Boxes for Every Occasion

Making eco-friendly choices can seem like a lot of hard work. Finding and sourcing brands that reflect your ethical decisions takes time – something many of us are in short supply of.

Sustainable subscription boxes can help remove the stress of all that searching, and make going zero waste fun! Every box contains a number of plastic-free products from brands that have been chosen specifically for their sustainability and environmental ethos.

Whether you’re unsure where to start, or looking to dive deeper into the plastic-free life, there’s a zero waste subscription box for you.

Maybe you’re thinking of a first-time subscription, or maybe you already receive a subscription box and you’d like to make an eco-friendly change. Our guide to the best eco-friendly gift boxes is here to help.

We’ll show you the best options available online, and what to expect in every box. So you can have something to look forward to in the post, and feel good about supportive ethical companies too!

Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, the following ethical subscription boxes tick all the right, well, boxes, when it comes to integrating more zero-waste products into your life.

From kid-approved green subscription boxes, to pamper hampers for eco-friendly self-care, there’s truly something for everyone!

Sustainable Home – USA ONLY

Knowing how and what to replace in your home to live more sustainably can be a difficult task. The Sustainable Home eco-friendly subscription box is here to make that process easy and enjoyable!

Every two months you’ll receive a zero waste subscription box curated around one specific area of the home. That may be anything from a clean shower to sustainable food storage. This is fantastic for overhauling one room of your home at a time!

The items included encourage you to make small, consistent changes. By incorporating these items into your day, you seamlessly integrate plastic-free living.

Sustainable Home are committed to zero-impact. They source everything from companies who are as committed to sustainability as they are. Let them deal with the stress of sourcing products, while we reap the rewards.


  • Curated box
  • Home essential items
  • Delivery every two months
  • 10% off with the code SUSTAINABLE10


  • Themed boxes, so not every month will be wanted

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Grove Co – USA ONLY

Grove is a monthly service that’s a little different. Every month you customize what’s sent to you, so you can get household eco-friendly products without any waste. Grove has hundreds of products available, to integrate into every area of the home.

Part of the joy of getting a normal subscription box is in getting things you’d never thought about – but that can sometimes lead to waste, or receiving unnecessary products. This sustainable subscription box from Grove takes that guesswork out of the equation.

If you like the idea of a subscription but enjoy making the choice, with Grove you can curate exactly what you receive. That means you never have the disappointment of paying for a product you have no use for.


  • Curate your own choices
  • Wide range of items
  • Free gift!


  • Loses the surprise of a subscription box
  • More work for the buyer

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Earth Love – USA (Worldwide Shipping)

Earth Love is an award-winning eco-friendly subscription box that’s cruelty-free, vegan (optional), fair trade, and sustainably sourced.

Plus, they partner with environmental non-profits to support each box and give back to the planet. Meanwhile, you get carefully selected artisanal items to both support and improve your life.

This quarterly box contains 6-8 ethically sourced products. These items can be home care, health care, even books and accessories! The Earth Love box makes eco-friendly living more than just ditching plastic. It shows us how to incorporate the lifestyle with fun and function

Each box also comes with a magazine, full of tips and tricks for eco-living so that you can still make changes to help our planet between deliveries.


  • Magazine included
  • Variety of products
  • Vegan or Beegan box available
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Free shipping on an annual subscription
  • Save 60% on retail!


  • Only quarterly

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Kiwi Eco – USA ONLY

KIWI ECO BOX - Zero Waste Subscription Box: 5-7 items monthly + 45 count pet waste bags

Many of us are enthusiastic about going plastic-free, without always knowing where to start. Plastic seems to be integral to so many basic household items. The Kiwi Eco box is perfect for beginners, just starting out on their zero waste journey.

Each month Kiwi delivers a sustainable subscription box straight to your door. Inside will be 5-7 eco-friendly items designed to be integrated into your daily life. Ideal for anyone who has started worrying about all the plastic in their home, and wants to find more eco-friendly alternatives.

The box itself is zero-waste and biodegradable. All products are 100% eco-friendly and ethically sourced. The Kiwi Eco box makes sustainable living easy and achievable, especially for beginners.


  • Great range
  • Varied choices
  • Plastic-free shipping
  • Convenient

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Green Future – UK ONLY

Although at times it seems difficult, there are numerous green lifestyle brands out there. It can just be difficult to find them sometimes!

Green Future do all the searching for you, so eco-friendly decisions can fit perfectly with busy lifestyles. Put together and shipped in the UK, Green Future curate a themed monthly ethical subscription box to introduce you to products you may not have been aware of previously.


  • Monthly delivery
  • Themed box
  • Essentials and luxuries
  • Free delivery

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Planet Post – USA ONLY

The Planet Post sustainable living subscription box wants to make a change not only in your home, but in the homes of others.

Each box comes with all the tools you’ll need to start spreading the word about climate change.

Planet Post understands that sometimes the small-but-important changes don’t feel like very much. They encourage you to engage with local representatives and leaders, to get your voice heard.

Every eco-friendly gift box contains information to help you understand climate change and what needs to be done to prevent it. That way you can pass on the knowledge to others.

Alongside this, you get 3-4 eco-friendly products for your home. These are everyday products that fit easily into your life to make it more sustainable.

The Planet Post box ships every month, to keep you up-to-date and engaged with the fight to save our planet. It’s perfect for the beginner activist wanting to make a change.


  • Encourages activism
  • Includes sustainable items as well as advice and actionable tips
  • Educational
  • Affordable


  • Wouldn’t work so well as a gift
  • Fewer items per box

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greenUP – USA ONLY

GreenUP understands that making your home plastic-free can be an intimidating prospect, but they don’t want you to be put off.

Every other month greenUP ships a box designed around one specific area of the home. This runs from grocery shopping to cleaning the kitchen. Inside, you’ll find items that fit into your day-to-day, and some you never even knew you could replace with plastic-free alternatives!

For those who are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of going plastic free, greenUP is the perfect solution. The 4-6 items in each zero waste subscription box get you acting to fight climate change.

We’re all aware of the effect unsustainable plastic has on our environment. What we might not be aware of is how to change the habit for ourselves. If you, or someone you know, is struggling to find time for the research and planning necessary to find sustainable solutions, the greenUP box can take the hassle away.


  • Delivered every other month
  • Curated around a daily necessity
  • Good range of items
  • Save 40% on retail
  • You can add discounted products to your box

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Love Goodly – USA & CANADA

While going cruelty-free and eco-friendly may at times seem like a task, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing so. The Love Goodly environmentally friendly subscription box offers skincare treats, beauty essentials, and even the occasional accessory or vegan snack.

Love Goodly has partnered with NOVICA to ensure that every other month subscribers receive a box full of exciting, indulgent cruelty-free products, at a great price!

Love Goodly think that cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty products should be easily accessible. Every box they send out is filled with 4+ full-sized products.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Beauty based
  • Full-sized products
  • Delivered every other month
  • Save more than 50% on retail


  • Fewer essentials, more luxuries

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Zed Bees – UK ONLY

This UK based sustainable subscription box is for those looking to make small, environmentally minded swaps. Once a month Zed Bees sends subscribers a box containing 4 essential products for everyday use. Each item is cruelty-free, vegan, and fully-recyclable.

The Zed Bees zero waste box is perfect for those who enjoy a treat, but want to do more for the environment. Monthly deliveries are something to look forward to, and with Zed Bees you know you’re supporting small sustainable independant businesses.

If you enjoy the fun of a subscription box but are looking to make sustainable choices, the Zed Bees box is a great option. It doesn’t overwhelm you with products, but instead encourages consistent lifestyle changes. These small choices make plastic-free living easier, and it’s a super affordable option for those just starting out, or on a budget.


  • Monthly delivery
  • Low price
  • Zero Waste packaging

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Life Without Plastic – USA & CANADA

The Life Without Plastic zero waste subscription box aims to take the stress out of plastic-free living.

We all know how discouraging and time-consuming it can be trying to find plastic-free replacements for basic items. Life Without Plastic does the hard work for you – and it saves you money too!

Once a quarter you’ll receive a box filled with 6-8 items designed to slip into your daily life. These can be anything from durable basics to tasty treats. The Life Without Plastic box feels like an indulgence and a necessity at the same time.

By using life Without Plastic you introduce yourself to brands you may never have heard of. This way, you can carry on eco-living easily between boxes.


  • 6-8 items
  • Essentials and treats
  • Mystery items as well as some announced beforehand.
  • Every box saves you $45 off buying at normal retail.


  • Only quarterly

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Green Kid Crafts – USA (Worldwide Shipping)

Inspiring kids to care about the environment has never been easier than with the Green Kid Crafts subscription box.

Kids are eager to learn about the world around them. Teach them creativity, problem-solving, and kindness with this eco-friendly subscription box. Even parents might learn a thing or two.

Once a month you’ll be sent a delivery containing 4-6 fun and engaging projects that involve science and arts. There are two different subscriptions to choose from.

The Discovery box is aimed at children ages 5-10+, and the Junior box for younger kids, aged 2-5. There’s also a magazine in each box, to support their learning.

Environmental change is a non-stop fight, and engaging children young sends them out with the preparation and knowledge to make their own green choices. This eco-friendly activity box for kids will show the younger generation that making environmentally friendly choices doesn’t have to be a chore. Great for parents and children alike.


  • Designed for children
  • Crafts and education
  • Monthly fun
  • Educational

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Shorebox – UK ONLY

For every box that Shorebox sends, a tree is planted. So even as you wait on your sustainable subscription box to be delivered you can know you’re giving back to the environment.

This UK based service is a popular choice, as it allows you to choose one of the four items shipped each month. The range to choose from is large and you can mix it up to get an item for yourself, for the home, a treat, or an essential.

Cruelty-free and sustainably sourced, this box supports local small businesses. With 4 items in each monthly box, the Shorebox UK eco-friendly subscription box makes environmental living a treat!


  • Get to choose an item
  • Delivered monthly
  • Low price

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Why choose a sustainable subscription box?

One of the greatest achievements of eco-friendly subscription boxes is they introduce you to brands you may not have been aware of, and options you didn’t know existed.

Too often, environmentally friendly products are pushed to one side in favor of the plastic-heavy big brands. Even a short subscription to an eco-friendly subscription box can show you ethical brands to choose for future products.

They allow you to explore the world of plastic-free living, and move forward with shopping choices that help the earth.

What to look for in a zero waste subscription box

What types of items are included, how often the box comes, how it’s shipped, what type of packaging it uses.

The best way to choose a zero waste subscription box is to pick the one you know you’ll get use out of. If you’re new to plastic-free living then you want to pick a box that will replace your basics first.

For those who’ve already started making changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle, look for a box that comes with more information, and maybe a few treats too!