On a Budget

Zero Waste

Learn how to go zero waste on a budget. Yes, you can save the Earth and your wallet too! Whether you’re a student, a parent, or just someone who wants to be economical, there are ways to both avoid waste and wasting money.

Chances are you already have what you need for day-to-day zero waste living. Dig deep into your drawers and far back on your shelves, and you’re likely to find bags, containers, extra material, and more.

start with what you have

Learning the best food storage techniques will make your produce last longer. An easy way to reduce waste and save money!

LEARN ABOUT food storage

If there’s something you’re missing, check with a relative or a friend to see if they’re willing to lend or give you what you need.

ask friends & family

Making your own cleaning products is one of the cheapest and simplest things to do. Baking soda and vinegar solutions will cover most of your cleaning needs, and lemon can help keep things smelling fresh.


Treasure hunting is a great way to go zero waste on a budget. Keep your eyes peeled around your neighborhood or go to a thrift shop.

treasure hunt

Buying new shiny things is tempting but the best way to go zero waste is to use what you already have! Use these tips to continue your zero waste journey on a budget!