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30 Creative Ways to Enjoy Quality Time with Your Partner

Since we married, Josh and I have had to put a great deal of intentionality into scoring quality time with each other. Both he and I have jobs that are totally irregular (shift workers holler at me!) and we often find ourselves aching for quality time.

This Valentine’s Day, we are forgoing the typical ‘flowers, chocolates and jewelry’ runaround in favor of a romantic weekend away at a lodge in Colorado. It’s going to be dreamy!

In my opinion, there is no better way to demonstrate your love for another person than to give them your undivided attention.

No box of chocolates can ever compare. So, without further ado, here are 30 creative ways to enjoy quality time with your partner this Valentine’s Day!

30 Creative Ways to Enjoy Quality Time with Your Partner

1 | Take a little staycation.

Book a hotel room, set reservations at a nice restaurant, and take your time together as it comes. Try not to over-plan – this is a chance to enjoy a little spontaneity!

2 | Recreate your first date together.

Josh and I’s first date involved pizza, cheesy parkour at the mall, and a walk in the rain. Pretty classic. What was your first date like? Think you could recreate it?

3 | Attend a concert.

Pull up your city’s calendar and pick out a local concert that looks interesting. Who cares if you know the band! You may stumble upon something fantastic (or something hilarious).

4 | Take a class together.

I’m a big fan of learning a new skill with your partner. Josh and I really bonded over a swing dancing class we took together! Other ideas? Take a cooking class, learn to make chocolates, or try your hand at pottery. 

5 | Explore a hole-in-the-wall part of town.

Every city has its hidden treasures. Think you can find them?

6 | Challenge the other to a duel.

Yesterday, Josh and I spent the entire evening racing each other in Mario Kart and it was fantastic. The highlight of the night was the round in which we picked the worst possible kart for each other and ran the race in mirror mode. The trash talk was highly memorable.

7 | Plan a future getaway.

Maybe you don’t have the time for a weekend away this year. That’s okay! Sit down together to plan an upcoming vacation instead. It’s always fun to explore the possibilities and make plans.

8 | Have a YouTube party. 

There are few things I love more than laughing my face off to kid vines and cat fails. Cozy up on the couch and spend the evening laughing till your abs hurt.

9 | Spend the afternoon cozied up in your local bookstore.

Rainy outside? Grab a latte and snuggle up on the couch with a book or two next to your honey.

10 | Build a tent fort in the living room.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than mimicking the best parts of childhood with your best friend. Bonus points if you sleep in it too!

11 | Grab a blanket and go stargazing.

The stars are magical. If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world that is still warm in February, this idea is doubly meant for you.

12 | Go out to dinner and order for your partner.

There are two ways to do this: One, do your best to order your partner’s ideal meal. Two, select an entree that is outside their comfort zone and see how it goes!

13 | Practice a new skill.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, but you just needed a little backup? This is your chance to enjoy a date at the archery range!

14 | Watch a random film at your local dollar theater. 

One evening this fall, Josh and I attended “Gods of Egypt” at our local dollar theater, just because. Terrible movie; great memories!

15 | Camp in the backyard.

Why not! If you have the gear (but not enough time to get out into the woods) set it up in the backyard and make s’mores in the microwave.

16 | Bundle up and go for a midnight walk in the park.

This is absolutely one of our favorite ways to connect after days of working opposite schedules. Fresh air, moving muscles, and great conversation make for a lovely date night.

17 | Go dancing.

Who cares if you know what you’re doing or not! Break out your best moves on the dance floor and see how much you can make your partner laugh.

18 | Make personalized scavenger hunt for each other.

This takes some serious creativity, but it’s so worth it! Bonus points if you can make each clue relate to some aspect of your relationship together.

19 | Grab tickets to a local comedy show.

Open mic, improv, you name it! Comedy is always a hoot, whether good or bad. This week we will be attending a comedy open mic in a town close by – fingers crossed!

20 | Visit the zoo and rename all the animals.

“Bumble ouchies,” “Flamboyant chickens,” and “Sucky arm underwater alien heads.” Can you guess what animals these are?

21 | Go to the airport and grab the cheapest flight to anywhere.

Anyone want to go to Wichita? Visit the airport and ask an attendant to find you the cheapest flight that’s leaving the soonest, then hop on board and spend the weekend there!

22 | Watch, rank, and discuss three original Disney Channel movies.

Yes, I know what I said.

23 | Get into the mountains and go for a hike.

Hiking is such a wonderful way to get reconnected with nature and with each other! Break out those hiking boots and take some pictures once you summit. First time hiker? Here’s some advice that will help you find an excellent route in your area!

24 | Play pub trivia.

Trivia nights at local bars/pubs can be a real treat! Sometimes it’s fun to get a little competitive. 

25 | Go driving.

I am a big fan of rolling down the windows and playing great music while driving at sunrise or sunset. 

26 | Grab a drink at a jazz club.

Get dressed up in your finest, then settle down for a relaxed evening at a jazz club with live music. 

27 | Check out a local street fair.

It’s so easy to spend a casual afternoon at a local street fair. You’ll likely be able to find great food, local handicrafts, and maybe even live music! This is also an excellent opportunity for people watching.

28 | Visit the lamest tourist attraction in your city.

Train museum anyone? There is always ‘that one place’ in any given city. Go there!

29 | Host the in-home olympics.

Take turns developing events! Here are some fun examples: See who can walk around the house three times without spilling an overfilled mug of water, or have a race blindfolded.

30 | Break out the roller skates.

Think you’re too good for a night at the rollerskating rink? You’d be surprised. Embrace the sketchiness and have a blast! Bonus points if you also get a 50 cent tattoo at the vending machine.

What are your favorite ways to get quality time with your partner? Have any great suggestions for other couples? Leave your ideas in the comments!