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Music Mondays: November

Every other Monday, Josh and I will be sharing some of our favorite music with you right here on The Zero Waste Memoirs.

November is such a beautiful time of the year. Everyone is still reveling in fall, recovering after all the hullabaloo that is Halloween, and turning their eyes toward the holiday season.

November, to me, encapsulates warmth and homeyness. As the cold weather has usually reached us by now, we begin to retreat to our homes to be with family. So we circle around the fire to drink cocoa and sing old songs, break open the photo albums, and plan our holiday festivities to come.

It’s a joyous time of year to me.

Enjoy this November Playlist with people you care about and treasure the present moment. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Portland, Maine – Donovan Woods
  2. Welcome Home (Acoustic) – Joy Williams
  3. Cookie-Tin Banjo – Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers
  4. American Tune – Crooked Still
  5. The Moon is a Magnet – Jon Foreman
  6. Someone to Love You (Acoustic) – Joy Williams
  7. Little Blue (Live from Mayne Island) – Josh Garrels
  8. The Peace of Wild Things/Dayblind – Crooked Still
  9. Forever Young – Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers
  10. Till Forever (Acoustic) – Joy Williams