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14 Best Sustainable Furniture Companies

Just how important is it to choose sustainable furniture brands? More important than you realize. Just this year, there have been over 250 billion USD spent on furniture globally.

This equates to thousands of acres of forests being destroyed for materials and huge amounts of PVC and cotton being produced, all having a detrimental impact on the environment and planet.

When we consider that much of this furniture has a lifespan of a few years before it’s discarded for a newer model or different design, these statistics become even more disturbing.

Also what many of us don’t realise is the number of harmful chemicals that are used to create one piece of furniture, causing not only harm to the environment, but to our family’s health too.

These among other reasons should encourage all consumers to look further into purchasing their home products from sustainable furniture companies.

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Why Choose Sustainable Furniture?

Some furniture brands are like fast fashion brands, they stack their sofas high, sell them cheap and after a few years, they fall apart and need to be replaced.

We choose ethical furniture companies because we want to know that they build their products to last, so that they don’t have to be replaced regularly, using more of the earth’s resources in the process.

Also, importantly, we also want to know how they source their materials and which chemicals they use to treat them.

The importance of eco-friendly furniture starts at conception, at the design phase, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 sustainable furniture companies that employ fair trade procedures, use responsible manufacturing processes, as well as sourcing recycled, sustainable materials, to help us all become more responsible furniture consumers, both now and in the future.


The Citizenry craft eco-friendly furniture and textiles with a unique story behind every piece. The owners built the company to celebrate the artisans who create their products across a variety of cultures and continents, and to date, they work with almost 3,200 spinners, weavers, potters, and woodworkers across 22 countries.

This company are socially responsible, paying 2x the fair trade wages required of them and they donate 10% of profits to artisan communities to encourage entrepreneurship, particularly in females.

They utilize 100% sustainable woods such as hinoki and rattan vine in their furnishings and only produce in limited quantities using traditional techniques which produce low carbon emissions and zero waste.

For their commitment to communities and the environment, and the authenticity of their products, The Citizenry is potentially one of the best eco furniture brands around today.


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If you ask Burrow what their secret is, they will tell you ‘inside-the-box-thinking’. They are pioneers of reverse engineering traditional furniture and separating it into modules so that each piece can be used in a multitude of ways over time, thus, not ever ending up in landfill.

They understand that the “fast furniture” concept is not sustainable, therefore, use premium, long-lasting materials so that their products last for many years.

Their modern sustainable furniture is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and stain resistant, plus everything is super easy to assemble.

Instead of purchasing several furniture items, they have also tried to incorporate fun, practical features into iconic pieces, from built-in chargers to trays, to cut down on consumerism and waste.

Their American Mid-Century Modernism and Scandi style look is clean and classic with a hint of minimalism, and nothing is treated with harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. They ship in recyclable cardboard boxes too, making them a preferred sustainable furniture store.


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If you adore vintage furniture and like to combine the look with contemporary designs in your home, then award-winning website Chairish could be the place for you.

To the present day, they have recycled over 600,000 vintage, antique and pre-loved furniture pieces through their marketplace, avoiding the environmental impact that comes with the manufacturing process.

They also offset 100% of their carbon emissions from US shipping and offer scholarships to students who wish to study design using environmentally friendly practices.


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ABC Home are a fair trade company that sources its furniture from several European and Asia suppliers that comply with sustainability and fair labor standards.

They place a particular focus on utilizing a women’s fair trade cooperative in India to ensure workers are paid fairly and treated well, whilst also ensuring materials used to create the products cause minimum harm to the environment.


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Medley is a company that goes the extra mile when it comes to making sustainable material choices for their furniture. Firstly, all of their products are manufactured from sustainable materials within the United States, limiting carbon emissions during the entire process from construction to shipping.

The wood for furniture frames and tables is kiln-dried alder, maple, or walnut – all durable and FSC certified. They make good use of bamboo to manufacture products, it generates 35% more oxygen than tree equivalents, thus, sustaining itself and the planet.

Furniture fillings and foams are made from the cleanest synthetic materials, plus they also work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Wool which is ethically sourced and free from carcinogenic color and pesticides.


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The name VivaTerra means “living earth” and the company infuse this message into everything they create. They have a passion for nature and work with global creatives and designers to curate furniture which is in harmony with the earth.

Blending American design with eco-friendly materials and international trends the company has curated its own signature style. They use recycled glass, reclaimed wood, and eco-friendly materials to help you to transform your home into a natural, serene sanctuary.

The company’s products are sourced ethically from artisans in over 20 countries around the world, plus, they advocate for fair trade and use sustainable production methods.


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Looking for sustainable bedroom furniture? Thuma are experts in this field. Their team of designers draw inspiration from architecture and Japanese craftsmanship to create beds which are functional, minimal, easy to assemble, and beautifully designed.

The bed frames are made from repurposed rubberwood which is sustainably sourced, and all products go through a rigorous testing program to ensure they meet chemical emission standards. One tree is planted for every bed sold too, helping to regenerate forests and promote positive environmental practices.


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Sustainable furniture brands

Avocado are leaders in creating eco-friendly mattresses, pillows, bed frames and furniture. They design their products in Hoboken and craft them in their own factory in California, so that they can oversee standards at all times.

All furniture is made from 100% reclaimed wood that has been upcycled and doesn’t contain any chemicals or retardants. The company only use organic, natural, and non-toxic materials in their pillows, mattresses and bedding and they ensure that sustainable practices are always in effect throughout their entire supply chain.

They are quickly becoming one of the most sustainable eco friendly furniture brands in the USA. In addition, Avocado are Climate Neutral, and B Corp certified, plus, they donate 1% of profits to environmental causes and power their factories from renewable energy sources!


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Crate and Barrel curates quality furniture products with clean lines and timeless designs. The environmentally-conscious company based in Illinois, design and create everything from sofas and tables to kitchen and bathroom accessories.

All wooden products are FSC certified and sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests and their organic cotton fabrics are free from any pesticides or chemicals. 

Reassuringly, Crate and Barrel also screen their furniture for chemicals and emissions, contributing to a healthier living environment year-round for you and your family.


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If you seek hand-crafted, sustainable made couches, Ecobalanza is famed for its ‘green sofas’.

These sofas are handcrafted from safe, toxic-free materials and are free from chemicals. The company control everything in-house from design to completed product and don’t use any outside manufacturers, therefore, they know every link in the manufacturing process chain.

Unlike many furniture organizations, they are completely transparent too, inviting customers to come and see how they work and observe the process. They use FSC certified wood, organic cottons and avoid using any petroleum based foam in sofa cushions to ensure that all materials used have minimal impact on the environment.


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Selling a wide variety of furnishings for all rooms in the home, Inmod procures ethical furniture which is fair trade and eco-friendly.

Their designs are suited to those who prefer a contemporary living style, and their practical designs are made from sustainable materials including bamboo, which is grown naturally, free from chemicals and pesticides.

In addition, the wood used to create tables and chairs is FSC certified, and they utilize reclaimed materials and rattan to reduce environmental impact on the planet.

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Joybird’s eco-friendly furniture is sure to brighten up any household with its range of classic and vintage inspired pieces. The online store curates custom-made pieces using the finest sustainable materials available, and the furniture is made in a factory in Mexico where workers are fairly paid.

That’s not all. Joybird have also partnered with FloorFound to create a new marketplace that sells returned furniture items for significant reductions in price. This prevents the furniture from being discarded and reduces waste and environmental impact on the planet.

The company are also involved in a reforestation program, where they plant trees across North America, helping to restore nature and biodiversity to the planet.


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Most of West Elm’s furniture products are locally made and designed in-house in the USA. It’s fair to say not all products are sustainable as of yet, however, the company’s actions are speaking louder than words.

They offer a large selection of furniture, textiles, art, mirrors, and bathroom and kitchen storage items, and also have a recycling initiative for old electrical appliances to ensure they are disposed of responsibly.

Many of the furniture products are hand-crafted using FSC certified, reclaimed, recycled, or upcycled wood. They use organic materials free from pesticides and intensive irrigation and their furniture is certified as non-toxic, making it suitable for children and pets.


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Vermont Woods Studios handcraft custom sustainably made furniture in Vermont. Their high-quality pieces are manufactured from organic, sustainable materials – most of which are locally sourced timber.

The remaining sawdust from the manufacturing process is also donated to local farmers to help reduce waste.

The company are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee, and in addition to creating beautiful bed frames, tables, and chairs, they also support local, independent artisans that make lighting, hand-blown glassware, and luxe linens.


Shop Vermont Woods Studio

If it is your aim to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, ensure that you source your furniture from companies that hold the same ideals. Seek out businesses that use sustainable practices, those that cause minimal environmental damage and those paying their workers fairly.

Hopefully, we have given you some information on a few of the most inspiring furniture companies in the USA, so that you can research more yourself, prior to making purchasing decisions.