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Best Zero Waste Concealer Brands

Like too many everyday industries, the make-up industry plays its part in exploiting and wasting our beautiful planet’s precious natural resources. Whether its harmful ingredients, unsustainable packaging, harmful manufacturing processes, or even utilising animal testing – traditional concealer brands have a lot to answer for.

Supporting the demand for these destructive products and brands available through traditional retail is no longer an option for responsible, ethical, and eco-conscious consumers. 

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to find more sustainable and cruelty-free concealer products and brands with eco-friendly packaging and ethical business practices. Read on to find our favorites!

Best Zero Waste Concealers

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Why Opt for a Zero Waste Concealer?

Conventionally manufactured and packaged make-up products can harm you, the Earth, and animals.

For example, while the EU has outlawed the use of over 1300 toxic chemicals and other substances in cosmetics, the US has banned only 11. Widely absorbed via the skin, these harmful chemicals can cause various conditions and diseases over time.

Instead, eco-friendly and zero waste make-up brands are creating refillable, biodegradable, waterless, plastic-free concealer and compostable packaging. Sourcing and supply chains should also be ethical, respecting human and animal rights, and environmentally sound, with numerous brands reinventing their formulations to include safer, more ethically sourced, and produced ingredients.

At the same time, however, fewer have also embraced sustainability, continuing to use unsound packaging and incorporating elements from irresponsible, unethical sourcing.  

So, let us help you sift through the plethora of brands available to identify ethical, environmentally-conscious, and sustainably zero-waste products and brands. These brands respect your and the planet’s health while providing effective, feature-enhancing beauty products. 

Best Eco-Friendly Concealer Brands

Read on for the best zero-waste concealers that are also flawlessly blendable, helping to hide blemishes, age spots, scars, and dark circles, and available in various shades.

River Organics Zero Waste Concealer

Zero Waste Concealer - River Organics (05 - Tan with warm undertones)

Choose this creamy and soothing light coverage concealer under the eyes and to even skin tone. This vegan eye concealer is suitable for all skin types, with a satin finish, leaving your skin looking plump and soft. 

River Organics Zero Waste concealer protects and moisturizes with seamless blending by combining certified organic ingredients, including apricot kernel oil, camellia seed oil, and moringa oil.

It offers the perfect match for your skin tone with nine beautiful shades, from Porcelain and Pale to Medium and Dark. 

In addition, the cruelty-free, certified, 100% vegan concealer comes in eco-friendly paper packaging with a biodegradable sugar cane label. 

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Elate Cosmetics Organic Crème Concealer 

This zero-waste Crème Revealer Concealer from Elate Cosmetics is available in eight gorgeous shades to cover scars, pigmentation, blemishes, or under-eye circles.

It contains skin-regenerating natural ingredients, including bamboo stem extract, borage Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil.

In addition, this “make-up as skincare” product comes in a sustainable refillable bamboo compact, offering zero waste and beauty, with refills delivered in plantable seed paper. 

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Clean Faced Cosmetics Light Natural Foundation Concealer

Rely on this organic, vegan, plastic, and cruelty-free concealer from Clean Faced for a “glass base” full coverage.

The handmade foundation and concealing product contains hydrating organic shea butter, coconut oil and rosehip oil, cocoa powder for a natural tint, non-nano zinc oxide, and kaolin clay for a sustainably moisturizing and creamy multipurpose concealing balm.

Purchase it in a recyclable glass jar with a metal lid, or a travel-sized metal tin. Clean Faced Cosmetics are all mailed in 100% biodegradable packaging, and you can send back your jar or container for a refill once empty to further save on waste.

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Anne T. Dotes® Concealer

theBalm Anne T. Dotes Concealer #10, 10 (For Very Fair Skin), 0.32 oz.

With ten shades to choose from, this clean beauty product from Anne T.Dotes comes in a 100% recyclable tin, offering full coverage for under-eye circles, blemishes, and redness. 

A “skin perfectionist” product, this concealer contains organic sunflower oil and jojoba oils to help keep your skin smooth, supple, and healthy. It’s also paraben, talc, and cruelty-free.

Apply with a bamboo concealer brush or your little finger on the desired areas, for the perfect coverage every time.

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Organic Petal Concealer

This handmade Organic Petal Concealer offers a certified plant pigment formulation – an acne and age-defying solution in five gorgeous shades (with affordable samples and refills available). 

The green, cruelty-free, and vegan tinted cream helps hide blemishes, scars, age spots, and freckles while also helping to refine pores, improve skin condition, and protect from the sun.

The potent combination of herb oils and petals combines anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits with natural organic pigments for a perfectly blendable and buildable multitasker. It’s packaged in a recyclable glass container and sent out in compostable mailers.

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ZAO Concealer Stick

ZAO Concealer Full Bamboo Ivory

This handy bamboo concealer stick from the French brand ZAO fits conveniently inside your purse or pocket and helps hide dark circles and imperfections.

The refillable concealer is also 100% natural, organic, vegan, and available in five long-lasting shades to suit your skin tone, including a redness-combatting green option.

Organic castor oil helps repair and purify the skin, while the silica in organic bamboo helps regenerate for softer skin and is a medium-full coverage option.

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Love the Planet Vegan Mineral Concealer (UK)

This cruelty-free, paraben-free, and palm-oil-free product from Love the Planet is also vegan and plastic-free, containing sustainable oxides, dioxides, and kaolin for light to medium coverage.

Apply it with a small brush, adding layers as needed to help conceal blemishes, under-eye shadows, and redness. 

In addition, the attractive packaging is recyclable and refillable, with refill pouches produced from eco-friendly starch, cellulose, and kraft paper. 

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Alima Pure Cream Concealer 

Alima Pure creates a zero-waste concealer that is suitable for all skin types and available in ten delightfully named shades (from Dew to Dream to Cashmere), blending seamlessly for fabulous full coverage.

The concealer also helps nourish the skin with “good-for-you” ingredients such as shea butter for vitamin E, avocado oil, beeswax, plant-derived squalene, and tocopherol.  

Apply the product with a brush, makeup sponge, or your fingertips to help disguise redness, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles.

In addition, Alima Pure Cream Concealer offers complete ingredient transparency and uses lower-impact, sustainable concealer packaging. The product is refillable and is never tested on animals. 

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Trestique Concealer Stick and Refill

This sustainable, recycled, vegan and cruelty free certified concealer from Trestique is available in seven beautiful shades: Bone, Clay, Porcelain, Bisque, Toffee, Praline, and Cacao, with future refills saving you 25%.

The neutral toned concealer stick offers full coverage with a smooth and flawless finish, perfectly correcting, concealing, and blurring discoloration, blemishes, and dark circles.

The concealer crayon packaging is almost entirely made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, they’re also carbon neutral, recyclable and refillable, and they’re packaged in eco-friendly materials.

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Kjaer Weis Iconic Edition Concealer

This creamy, high-coverage concealer wand from leading zero waste makeup brand Kjaer Weis is available in 12 appealing shades, flawlessly disguises imperfections and under-eye circles and can be used for contouring and highlighting.

In addition, the high-quality ingredients, such as rosehip oil, moringa seed oil, sunflower seed, oil and olive oil, soothe, smooth, and care for the skin, helping address irritation and inflammation. 

The result is a hydrated feel, and a long-lasting look for luxurious all-day freshness. Kjaer Weis products are recyclable and refillable to reduce plastic waste.

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Rainwater Botanicals Magic Mango Concealer

This lightweight yet effective handmade concealer contains pure cosmetic grade minerals in olive oil and organic mango butter and extracts for exceptional and buildable coverage – self-adjusting to your skin tone – for blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

The blendable product by Rainwater botanicals is available in Light, Medium, and Dark shades, yielding a flawlessly soft, matte, and waterproof finish. 

In addition, the biodegradable product comes in a quarter-ounce paper pot which is recyclable and biodegradable. So, feel free to compost the entire package. 

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All Earth Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Concealer (UK)

This plastic and cruelty-free, vegan mineral concealer from All Earth helps conceal, color, and lighten in one easy step.

The makeup products can be applied wet – mixed with balm, cream, or serum – or dry to suit your needs. Then, mix the single shade with your preferred bronzer or foundation to adapt the color to your skin tone. 

In addition, choose between two eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options – a pot made from 100% reclaimed and recycled fishing nets or a waste-reducing refill tube.

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Choose Zero Waste Beauty Brands

With so many responsible, compassionate, and committed brands available, choosing and sticking with zero-waste and plastic free concealers is easier than you think.

Choose brands that prioritize you, kindness, and the planet, designing, sourcing, producing, packaging, and transporting their products ethically, sustainably, and with less or zero waste.