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2017 Ethical Gift Guide

Your 2017 ethical gift guide is here! Give back while you shop by buying from brands who are committed to artisan craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

I love giving gifts. Whether material or experience based, gift giving is one of my favorite ways to demonstrate my love for the people in my life. I think combing the web for the perfect item is such a fun treasure hunt – one reason why I absolutely love putting together this ethical gift guide for y’all every year.

That said, not everyone finds gift giving this exciting.

Maybe Christmas shopping overwhelms you. Maybe you’re struggling to come up with a gift idea that not only suits your recipient perfectly, but also gives back. Or maybe you love shopping, but you aren’t very familiar with the ethical brand landscape.

Whatever your gifting woes, this ethical gift guide will help! I hope you enjoy browsing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Happy Holidays,


Ethical Gifts For Her

1. She Is…Empowered Bracelet | Same Sky

Constructed on a loom, strand by strand, this bold bracelet will be a powerful affirmation for its wearer. Made in Rwanda.

Shop Online | $125

2. Garden Room Mood Lamp | Ten Thousand Villages

This authentic fair trade mood lamp casts soft light through hand-cut, translucent silk paper. Handcrafted in Bangladesh.

Shop Online | $50

3. Smith Bag | Society B

This fashion heritage backpack is perfect for the girl on the go. Features a fold over design, front stash pocket, and brass accents.

Shop Online | $110

4. De la Sol Ring | Redemption Market

The perfect finishing touch to any outfit, the De la Sol ring is made from goldtone-plated brass with hand painted color. Adjustable to fit.

Shop Online | $15

5. Leaf Glass Tea Infuser | Yoloha Yoga

This double-walled glass tea infuser is reinforced by a biodegradable, organic cork wrap, so you can be sure your brew is sustainable too!

Shop Online | $49

6. Vanya Vegan Wallet | Redemption Market

Everything you want in a wallet: high quality, functional, and adorable. Made from hand-spun, handwoven, block-printed cotton and vegan leather.

Shop Online | $52

Ethical Gifts for Him

1. Fish Bottle Opener | Ten Thousand Villages

A simple fish depicted in wrought iron. Does it get any manlier than this? Made by artisans who carry on the ancient tradition of metalwork in Moradabad, India.

Shop Online | $10

2. Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover | Patagonia

Made of midweight polyester fleece (of which 85% is recycled), this pullover is both warm and durable. Perfect for the outdoorsman in your life!

Shop Online | $119

3. Three-in-One Game Box | Ten Thousand Villages

This beautiful three-in-one game box makes it easy to carry all your favorite games from party to party. Includes dominos, dice, and two decks of cards.

Shop Online | $69

4. Barrel-Aged Oak Soy Candle | Society B

Who doesn’t love a man candle? This eco-friendly candle captures the handsome notes of an old bourbon barrel, giving off only good vibes.

Shop Online | $18

5. Admiral Flask with Traveling Case | Ames & Oates

Durable and modern, this silver hip flask snaps snuggly into a rich chocolate-brown carrying case. Made from stainless steel.

Shop Online | $23

6. Rook & Knight Stone Bookends | Ten Thousand Villages

Hand carved by fair trade stone carvers in Agra, these stone bookends are sure to make an impression in any office.

Shop Online | $49