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Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaners (Non-Toxic & Zero Waste)

We all know that cleaning the toilet is not the most glamorous chore, but it’s essential for minimizing the spread of germs and protecting your family’s health. You may also have been lead to believe that only the harshest cleaning products, such as bleach and traditional toilet bowl cleaners, will do the job properly.

However, many eco-friendly toilet cleaners can give you a spotless clean with minimal effort. The best eco-friendly cleaning products will get your toilet bowl sparkling clean and germ-free, and you’ll avoid exposing anyone to nasty chemicals while also doing your part to protect the environment. 

Eco-friendly toilet cleaner

Why Opt for an Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Most traditional toilet cleaners contain toxic ingredients such as hydrochloric acid. When exposed, this chemical can cause skin and eye irritation and lead to respiratory issues. While hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and chlorine may be effective at killing germs and cleaning your toilet bowl, they can also destroy good bacteria that would otherwise break down waste in your sewage pipes. Chlorine also produces dangerous compounds when it comes into contact with organic matter in the water, and is toxic to aquatic life.

On the other hand, an environmentally friendly toilet cleaner should contain only natural and sustainable ingredients. It will be free from artificial fragrances and colors, and won’t cause health issues or irritate the skin. Suitable cleaners often contain vegan and plant-based ingredients that are safe for the environment and gentle on your home’s septic system too.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Eco Toilet Cleaner

Finding an earth-friendly toilet bowl cleaner is easy when you know what to look for. Sustainable companies want to set themselves apart from traditional providers and will give you the information you require to confirm eco-friendliness – just be aware of greenwashing claims!

Choose products with natural ingredients and fragrances rather than artificial ones. Avoid products with sulphates and phosphates or anything containing bleach.

Whether you opt for a tablet, powder, eco-strip, or liquid cleaner, the best eco-friendly toilet cleaner will be certified cruelty-free, organic, contain no harmful chemicals, and come in reusable or recyclable packaging.

Top Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste Toilet Cleaner Brands

Ditching traditional toilet cleaners is an easy step to protect your family’s health and the environment. With a large selection of zero-waste toilet cleaning products available, we’ve narrowed the search and come up with the best natural toilet bowl cleaners to make your transition as easy as can be.

Etee Probiotic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Enjoy the sight and smell of this citrus-scented foaming toilet cleaner, that effectively removes dirt from the bowl as it foams and fizzes away.

The probiotic powder makes cleaning easy and removes nasty germs while leaving behind the ‘good bacteria’ to help keep your toilet clean between scrubbing cycles.

Scoop and scatter one tablespoon around your bowl and let the foaming action do the hard work for twenty minutes. You only need to scrub when necessary, otherwise, simpy flush and walk away!

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Tru Earth Eco-Strips Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This mess-free, plastic-free toilet cleaner can easily remove dirt and germs from your toilet bowl.

Tru Earth Eco Strips are convenient, vegan-friendly, and can effectively clean your toilet without messy liquids or toxic chemicals.

Simply tear off a strip, let it dissolve in the toilet bowl water, and then scrub the porcelain with a brush before flushing away all the grime.

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Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation Zero Plastic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Foaming Powder, Fragrance, 14 Oz

The best toilet cleaner has no hidden dyes, artificial fragrances, or chlorine. And when you purchase this Seventh Generation cleaning powder you can be assured of the same!

The water-activated powder contains plant-derived and mineral ingredients to create a foaming action, so you can easily scrub your toilet clean!

This zero-plastic toilet cleaner is cruelty-free and comes in a recyclable steel container which can also be reused around your home.

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Mrs Meyer’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner

MRS. MEYER'S CLEAN DAY Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Stain Removing, Lemon Verbena, 24 oz

Mrs Meyer’s plant-based toilet cleaner is free from chemicals such as phthalates and chlorine.

Enhanced with essential oils, it’s available in several different scents that will make your bathroom smell fresh and clean.

The biodegradable cleaner takes the hard work out of house cleaning, comes in a recycled plastic bottle, and is safe for septic tanks.

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Blueland Toilet Bowl Tablets

BLUELAND Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set - Eco Friendly Products & Cleaning Supplies - No Harsh Chemicals, Plant-Based - Lemon Cedar - 14 tablets

Bluland’s eco-friendly toilet tank tablets are everything you’d want from a plant-based eco toilet cleaner.

This cruelty-free and plastic-free product is lab-tested to ensure it can remove even the toughest stains, including limescale and hard water stains.

It contains no dyes or synthetic chemicals and will leave your toilet looking and smelling fresh with its lemon cedar scent. 

Buy a starter pack to benefit from the refillable container, then continue with the handy refill packs.

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Lemi Shine Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lemi Shine Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Bleach-Free, Removes Tough Stains and Odor, Award-Winning (24 oz., 6 Pack)

You can clean away nasty germs and bacteria without bleach when you use this Lemi Shine toilet cleaner.

This plant-based liquid cleaning gel applies Lemi Shine’s FunkGuard technology to remove and prevent odors, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. It can eliminate mineral deposits and is free from dyes, artificial fillers, and chlorine bleach.

This Parent’s Green Choice Award-winning product ensures both your health, and the health of the environment won’t be compromised. It comes in a recyclable plastic bottle.

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Nature Clean Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Nature Clean Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaners Strips 36 count, Plastic-Free Packaging, Natural Toilet Cleaner Septic Safe, Refresh Toilets & Bathroom. No Splash

These toilet foaming strips allow you to maintain a clean, stain-free bowl with minimal effort.

Nature Clean strips are safe to use with no harsh chemicals, and their commitment to zero waste living means the biodegradable strips are safe for the environment too.

You can make quick work of your toilet cleaning – with one strip dissolving in just 20 seconds!

Then give your bowl a thorough scrub, then flush and you’re done.

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Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner's - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Baby Unscented, 8 Ounce) - Made with Organic Oils, 18-in-1 Uses: Face, Hair, Laundry, Dishes, For Sensitive Skin, Babies, No Added Fragrance, Vegan, Non-GMO

Dr Bronner’s pure-castile liquid soap is a general household cleaner suitable for every surface, including your toilet bowl.

Leaping Bunny backs this certified Vegan cleaner.

It is free from synthetic preservatives, foaming agents, and detergents, making it a gentle and effective cleanser for your toilet and entire house.

To use, pre-dilute your favorite scent (or unscented version) 1:4 with water in a squirt bottle. Squirt the bowl with the diluted product, sprinkle baking soda on your brush, scrub the bowl, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then flush.

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Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Pine Fresh, 25 Ounce

You won’t find harsh ingredients in Ecover’s liquid toilet cleaner, but you will find it’s highly effective at cleaning your toilet!

The plant and mineral-based ingredients can remove tough stains, while the essential oil fragrance will leave your bowl smelling fresh.

This product is not tested on animals and is safe for septic systems. It’s also housed in a 100% plant plastic bottle that’s recyclable after use.

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Happy Earth Boutique Toilet Fizzes

Simple and effective is the motto behind Happy Earth Boutique toilet tablets.

These fizzing toilet bombs are a safe alternative to traditional cleaners as are free from harmful ingredients and synthetic fragrances.

These simple and zero waste toilet cleaning tablets come in a reusable glass jar and have only three eco-friendly ingredients – sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and essential oil. 

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Tiny Yellow Bungalow Toilet Cleaner Tablets

You can make cleaning fun with these fizzing zero waste, concentrated, and eco-friendly toilet tablets.

The handmade toilet cleaning tablets can remove mineral deposits and leave you with a clean toilet and your bathroom freshly scented from the lemon, sweet orange, and lavender essential oils.

They also come in biodegradable plastic-free packaging and contain no water – reducing delivery costs and emissions.

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Thrive Market Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Keep your toilet clean and fresh with plant-based and septic-safe Thrive Market toilet bowl cleaner.

Its vegan ingredients work to eliminate mold, odors, and stains while being hypoallergenic for your family.

It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, has a fresh scent, and is highly effective. The USA-made formula is also available with a refill option, helping to reduce waste.

Buy it from Thrive Market

Ever Drop Toilet Cleaner

Ever Drop produces a probiotic toilet cleaner that can remove limescale and grime for a deep clean.

You can readily make an easy-to-use toilet cleaning solution by adding this gently scented powder to water, giving it a shake to mix, and then leaving it to dissolve for 30 minutes.

The natural ingredients form a vegan and biodegradable formula you can add to the toilet bowl rim and then scrub as required.

It comes in plastic-free paper wrap for sustainable toilet cleaning.

Buy it from Ever Drop

Make Your Own DIY Version

Whether you like the idea of making your own toilet cleaning solution or you’ve run out of natural cleaners, you can readily create a DIY version with your home products. Combine one cup of baking soda with half a cup of citric acid and store in a glass jar. When you’re ready to use, add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the dry ingredients and clean your toilet as usual.

Don’t Forget Your Eco-Friendly Toilet Brush and Toilet Paper! 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite biodegradable toilet cleaner, you can go one step further in your sustainable journey and switch your plastic brush and regular toilet paper for eco-friendly alternatives.

This scrub queen toilet brush from Full Circle is a perfect choice. Made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, aluminum and bamboo, it ticks all the boxes. The tough bristles feature a “mohawk” design, and you can easily replace the brush head when needed. Unlike a plastic brush that can harbour germs, the base absorbs water and prevents mold and bacteria from growing. A sleek ceramic holder is a stylish and discreet way to store your eco-friendly brush from this Certified B Corp.

Switching to eco-friendly and zero waste toilet paper couldn’t be easier either. Check out this article for all our favorite options!

Even small changes like switching to eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaners can have a positive environmental impact. With so many options available, it’s now easy to choose a zero-waste toilet bowl cleaner that suits your home, and will give you a fresh and clean-smelling bathroom too!