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Stylish Shoes Made from Recycled Plastic

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of new shoes, most people are now adding sustainably made and eco-friendly materials to their list of requirements right beside comfortable and stylish.

With the footwear industry producing 22 billion pairs yearly and only recycling 5%, this is a much-needed shift in mentality.

Thankfully, there are now several footwear companies that have strict ethos and manufacturing guidelines that match discerning consumers’ values. Now, you can wear recycled plastic shoes that look and feel great while striving to have a positive impact on the environment.

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Best Recycled Plastic Shoes Brands

If you want to make sustainable and environmentally friendly wardrobe choices, we’ve selected the best shoes made from recycled plastic. Whether you need trainers, slippers, flats, street shoes, or stylish office footwear, you will surely find a pair of shoes made from plastic that will suit your comfort and style requirements.


Combined with other sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, and natural rubber, Cariuma shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles.

While keeping sustainability and recycling at the forefront of their production process, this certified B-corp company also commits to hand-making their range of comfortable shoes.

They have a classic and timeless style to give you an effortless look with minimal environmental impact.

They also plant 10 trees for every pair sold, and as you would expect of a sustainable footwear brand, they use recycled packaging and carbon neutral shipping.

Browse the range at Cariuma


You can be ready for anything with Suavs taking you from the office to the street.

The simple and smart design is a versatile option when you want one pair of comfortable and stylish shoes to suit every occasion.

Each shoe contains sustainable materials such as thread made from recycled plastic (so far they’re saved 1.3m plastic bottles from landfill), and the company even donates excess products to those in need. 

Browse the range at Suavs


Supporting a circular economy, Thousand Fell designs shoes that are made to last and are built to recycle at end of life.

They commit to never throwing a sneaker in the landfill and will take back your shoes when you’re finished with them.

Their recycling facility will separate the materials and send them away for composting or recycling.

If your shoes are still in good condition, they’ll refurbish the shoes and donate them to the organization Soles4Souls, so they can have a second life.

Browse the range at Thousand Fell


Thesus produce sturdy, comfortable, and durable outdoor footwear.

They consider people and the planet at every stage of production to ensure their processes leave as little impact on the environment as what your footprint does in the dirt.

Their shoes are made of plastic collected from the ocean, recycled PET bottles, and natural rubber. Thesus’ sustainable processes result in every shoe diverting up to 2kg of waste from the landfill and waterways, producing fewer CO2 emissions than a traditional leather boot.

Browse the range at Thesus


With a mission to protect the waterways, Sperry Seacycled collection is made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Using reclaimed leather, recycled canvas, and recycled plastic bottles, Sperry is on its way to using less water – reducing usage by one million gallons by the end of the year.

They prioritize sustainability without compromising style, and one shoe can prevent eight plastic bottles from going into the landfill or polluting the waterways. 

Browse the range at Sperry


Greats handcrafts quality recycled plastic sneakers with a comfortable, superior fit, and on-style trend.

You can confidently wear a pair of Greats shoes, knowing they take steps to incorporate recycled and biodegradable materials into their products.

The Royale Knit shoe (available in men’s and women’s sizes) has recycled plastic uppers, and is machine washable!

They partner with factories that use fewer natural resources during production yet maintain a high manufacturing standard to produce quality, long-lasting shoes.

Browse the range at Greats


Tropicfeel produces shoes that meet the needs of a modern-day traveler.

Their strong commitment to sustainability means most of their shoes’ materials, such as nylon, polyester, and EVA, are recycled.

Tropicfeel has also produced a thermoregulating recycled wool sneaker with a waterproof membrane to give you extra comfort and a shoe you can wear in any weather condition.

Browse the range at Tropicfeel


When you want to combine your love for color and style with sustainability, Rothy’s meets your demands.

Rothy’s shoes come in a vast range of shades and styles, so you can find a pair to match your personality.

You can choose sneakers and flats made with recycled plastic, natural fibers, hemp, and algae-based foam.

Browse the range at Rothy’s


Whether an elite athlete or casual jogger, On Running develops sustainable shoes that allow you to perform at your best.

These shoes are lightweight, durable, zero-waste, and engineered for performance.

With innovation, controlled manufacturing processes, and athlete input, you are sure to love these (partially) recycled plastic trainers.

I personally love my On Running shoes, and own multiple pairs (some of which were thrifted of course!) – in my experience, they’re the most comfortable trainers for walking and traveling!

Browse the range at On Running


Vivaia ballet shoes feel like a second skin and provide you with all the benefits of a sneaker yet have the style and elegance of a fashionable new pair of shoes.

You can enjoy arch support, heel padding, breathable and moisture-wicking material, and slip-resistant soles while staying true to your values of buying sustainable products.

Each pair of shoes is made from 6 recycled plastic water bottles, an insole made from natural materials, and an outsole made with carbon-free rubber. Then sent to you in 100% recycled cardboard.

Browse the range at Vivaia


Want recycled plastic slippers that leave your feet feeling warm and toasty?

Seavees have a soft and cozy design made with recycled fleece (made from post-consumer plastic bottles), cotton canvas, and natural rubber. They’re vegan, ethically made, and super comfortable.

This company also donates a portion of its profit to various environmental causes, such as 1% for the Planet and SeaTrees.

Browse the range at SeaVees


Enjoy the icy and snowy outdoors slip-free with quality shoes from Icebug.

They are on a mission to produce traction footwear that encourages people to get outdoors while minimizing their environmental impact.

Icebug, a certified B corp company, is on track to reduce its CO2 emissions to less than 6.4kg per pair of shoes by 2030.

They value transparency, they’re a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, to ensure their factory workers are paid a living wage, and they’re also a member of 1% for the planet.

Browse the range at Icebug


Vivobarefoot shoes, including the women’s Primus Lite knit style, uses recycled material to create wide, thin, and flexible designs.

This B Corp company creates footwear that feels as if you are walking or running bare feet, allowing for a more natural and unrestricted movement. 

They reduce plastic pollution by making recycled shoes out of post-consumer plastic waste, and they give back to the community through their in-house Livebarefoot Fund.

Browse the range at Vivobarefoot


Neeman’s Relive Knit Sneakers feature a versatile, classic design, effortless look, and breathable material.

Their shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, merino wool, cotton, and recycled rubber.

You can wear a comfy pair of Neeman’s slip-ons all day as they are light and breathable, and the stretchy knit gives your feet room to expand. Their classic design is unisex.

Browse the range at Neeman’s


Wildling creates flexible minimal shoes for the entire family.

They focus on partnership-based production, using innovative and recycled materials, and supporting regenerative sustainability.

They also continually seek new ways to improve their business processes and products. 

These Tanuki Umi shoes are made from a blend of paper and polyester, organic cotton, hemp-flax fleece, and recycled cork. They’re also washable, and can be worn in the water!

Browse the range at Wildling


Saola’s lightweight, comfortable, stylish shoes are made from used water bottles.

Every pair contains up to seven recycled PET plastic bottles from an accredited “Recycle Global Standard” supplier.

The insole is made from cork, and the outsole is made from natural algae.

Saola shoes also partner with numerous wildlife and environmental initiatives working to do more to protect the planet. 

Browse the range at Saola


Nae Vegan Shoes produces a mid-top sneaker from recycled PET bottles.

The street-style vegan sneakers feature a smart minimalist look and non-skid vulcanized soles so you can step out in style while reducing your impact on the planet.

This lightweight and biodegradable shoe’s lining and insoles are made with hypoallergenic materials free from harmful environmental toxins. 

Browse the range at Nae Vegan Shoes


Anything Can Be Changed (ACBC) has partnered with Save The Duck to create everyday eco-friendly sneakers.

The animal-free and sustainable shoes feature a recycled rubber sole, recycled polyester lining, and organic cotton laces for a casual and stylish design.

If pure white isn’t your style, have a look at the different colors these sustainable sneakers are available in.

Browse the range at ACBC


Genesis sustainable footwear makes stylish shoes largely made from recycled plastic bottles.

These sustainable eco trainers also contain cactus-based vegan leather and a cork sole with a quality finish.

The recycled EVA foam sockliners add extra comfort for long walks, or busy days at work.

Browse the range at Genesis


Casca shoes combine sustainability and a classic sneaker look.

They suit any outfit and provide comfort and support throughout your daily activities.

You can find men’s and women’s designs, including the breathable, knit Casca Avro style.

This lightweight and durable shoe is made with 100% vegan materials and meets Casca’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.  

Browse the range at Casca

Why Opt for Shoes Made from Recycled Materials?

A footwear company can use up to 40 different materials to create shoes, most of which rely on fossil fuels to produce these raw materials. This process contributes to greenhouse gases, requires large amounts of energy, and can pollute the environment when the shoes are thrown out. Research suggests 300 million pairs of shoes containing crude oil-derived synthetic materials are thrown out yearly. 

Shoes made from recycled ocean plastic or single-use water bottles are an ideal solution to reducing environmental pollution and the amount of waste thrown into landfills. It removes the need to create virgin plastic and rubber and instead uses recycled plastic that would otherwise go into landfills. Plastic thrown into the landfill can take up to half a century to degrade and requires a high temperature to disintegrate which is hard to achieve in the waste environment.  

As an added bonus, most of these circular fashion companies also have an ethical manufacturing process and have transparencey around their supply chain, so you can be sure you’re supporting sustainable fashion brands.

With numerous sustainable shoe brands commiting to eco-friendly processes, you can readily find shoes made from recycled plastic and other renewable materials that meet your style and comfort requirements.