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Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Beach Bags for Summer Fun!

Whether you want to catch a tan, build sandcastles with the kids, or doze in the shade to the sound of the waves, the beach is the best place to be this summer!

We all know beach days can take some planning, and you need an easy way to haul towels, swimsuits, books, sunglasses, snacks, sunscreen, and flip-flops to and from the shore. That’s where the trusty beach bag comes in.

However, not all totes are made the same – where possible, it’s always best to opt for sustainable beach bags that are made from eco-friendly materials.

What to Look for When Buying Eco-Friendly Beach Bags

A sustainable beach bag has a minimal environmental impact and is often crafted from natural fibers that will degrade naturally at end of life. Some brands even make bags from recycled materials, which helps conserve natural resources and actually removes trash from our planet at the same time.

You should also think about avoiding “fast fashion brands” that exploit their workers, and instead pay heed to how a company treats employees when choosing a sustainable beach bag. The best brands pay their artisans fairly, prioritize ethical manufacturing, and are transparent about where their materials come from. 

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Best Eco Beach Bags

Here are some of the best bags for the beach from eco-friendly brands. These sustainable beach bags stand up for the environment and look cute doing it!

Catalina Deluxe Messenger Bag

Lo & Sons is a minority-owned, family business that is serious about sustainability. The company makes 64% of its products from eco-friendly materials and aims to raise that number to 75% by the end of 2023.

This environmentally friendly bag is available in either recycled poly – a tough, water-resistant fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Or eco-friendly canvas that’s lighter but still ultra-durable.

It’s big enough to pack all your essentials, and features include a bottom zipper pocket to stash sandy shoes, a messenger strap for throwing it over your shoulder, and an exterior pocket for keeping your keys handy.

Buy it from Lo & Sons

Lace Weave Beach Tote

Swahili Modern is a Fair Trade company that empowers artisans in Africa.

The brand works with women weavers in Senegal to produce this adorable straw woven beach bag (among other beautifully crafted products) made from natural and sustainable elephant grass and leather.

It’s soft and flexible, large enough to fit all the essentials, and you can easily reshape it with water after a winter in storage or a long plane ride home after your summer vacation.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Anchal Beach Bag

If you’re after cute canvas beach bags with pockets, Anchal’s striped collection is for you.

This eco-friendly tote bag is made from durable duck cotton canvas with inner and outer pockets to protect your valuables from wet towels and swimsuits.

The woman-owned brand makes vegan-friendly, handcrafted products with delicate attention to detail. Its cute stripe design is a classic choice for summer, and comes in three different colors.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Tulum Raffia Tote

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These colorful summer tote bags make beautiful beach bags with unlined sides so you can shake out the sand after a busy day in the sun.

Mar Y Sol crafts its bags from 100% crocheted raffia – natural leaves from the tropical Raphia Farinifera palm – and is woven by artisans in Madagascar.

Harvesting raffia does not harm the tree, so the plant can keep growing and cleaning the air while it does so.

This bag is soft and flexible – perfect for folding and packing into a suitcase on vacation.

Buy it on Amazon

Natural Linen Beach Bag

This natural linen tote bag is made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified fabric and is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Its simple, spacious design can easily double as a shopping bag for everyday use. It’s big enough to carry all your eco-friendly beach essentials such as a towel, swimwear, sunscreen, books, and more!

LinenCoutureBoutique prewashes and preshrinks the fabric before creating these sustainable products, so it’s ultra-soft and comfortable to carry. Plus, this handmade beach bag comes in 27 different colors!

Buy it on Etsy

Equality Canvas Tote

By buying this sustainable canvas tote bag, you’re helping skilled female artisans in Bangladesh advance their careers.

The brand, CORR, helps not only previously disadvantaged women find work, but also offers regular training and builds leadership skills.

This simplistic handmade bag has one interior pocket and sturdy, high-quality construction to last many beach trips. 

Buy it from The Little Market

Caminito Woven Backpack

This beachy handwoven backpack from sustainable brand Caminito screams summer with its pale natural palm finish, intricate woven handles, and light leather straps.

Its open bucket design with a zipper closure makes it versatile and spacious, perfect for a day at the beach, or a seaside picnic.

The straps are made from vegetable-tanned leather, which does not come into contact with potentially harmful chemicals and only natural dyes are used.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Jumbo String Beach Bag

Will & Atlas is a women-owned company specializing in woven products and supporting artisans from rural communities in Bangladesh.

This eco-friendly string bag is made from hand-spun hemp fiber. Hemp is one of the most sustainable textiles because it grows rapidly with minimal water and zero pesticides.

This bag has a soft texture and rustic appeal – the perfect sustainable beach bag that can also be used for your grocery runs or weekly farmers market.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Recycled Woven Beach Bag

YGNCollective is an ethical brand selling handwoven tote bags made from upcycled pallet banding, thus helping reduce plastic waste in the environment.

All the collective’s bags are handwoven by women living in challenging circumstances in Myanmar, and purchasing one helps them support their families.

One of the best family beach bag options – it sports a spacious interior, it’s made from super durable material, and it’s naturally water-resistant.

It also comes in various sizes and colors, so you can choose one that best suits your style!

Buy it on Etsy

Woven Beach Bag

This handwoven summer beach bag is made from sustainable fique fibers from a cactus native to Colombia.

Magda Made works with Colombian makers to produce eco-friendly products that support community development and create economic opportunities for local artisans.

Importantly, this brand also prioritizes safe working conditions and fair remuneration in all its facilities.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Leva Beach Bag

This handwoven bag from UK brand Stay Wild is one of the best beach tote bags for carrying wet swimsuits and towels!

It has a soft towel lining that absorbs excess moisture, keeping the outside dry and your swimwear smelling fresh.

It’s made from sustainable materials, and Stay Wild is a certified B corp that prioritizes the planet.

Purchasing their beach bags supports Moroccan farming communities that grow sustainable doum palm trees.

Buy it from Stay Wild

Amundsen Beach Bag

Amundsen Sports is an outdoor brand from Norway that’s committed to quality. They believe in buying well so you only have to buy once.

Their aesthetically pleasing, European-made canvas beach bags are sustainable not least because they’re made to last for many, many years – each is made from durable cotton fabric with leather detailing.

Plus, with a 30l capacity, this bag can comfortably carry beach supplies for the whole family! You can even carry a rolled-up towel outside the bag to keep the contents dry.

Buy from Amundsen

Crochet Beach Bag

This big crocheted beach bag is soft and comfortable, with extra-long handles and a rustic natural finish.

It’s made from jute rope, which is lightweight, durable, and 100% biodegradable.

Jute grows incredibly quickly and is one of the most sustainable crops, making this eco-friendly beach bag from JutaKnitStore ideal for carrying all your beach gear.

This casual, high-quality beach bag is handmade to order, and you can request any customizations you’d like.

Buy it on Etsy

Recycled Plastic Beach Bags 

This family-size beach bag is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. But you’d never know! Created to look like French linen, they’re deceivingly durable while being stylish too!

The creator, Weaver Green, works with weavers in India and Turkey and runs continuous inspections to ensure their employees are treated and paid fairly in their workshops.

These large sustainable bags are machine washable and stain-resistant, making them the perfect storage option for families with kids!

Buy it from Weaver Green

Round Jute Beach Bag

BrunnaCo empowers female artisans in Indonesia who weave handmade products for the brand from the comfort of their homes, allowing them to generate income while looking after their families.

This natural jute beach bag has a unique round shape that’ll make you stand out in a good way, and a beautiful natural finish fit for any island vacation.

The brand ships all its products in eco-friendly packaging.

Buy it from BrunnaCo

Rattan Bucket Beach Bag

This rattan day bag is the best beach tote to pair with a stylish summer outfit – its circular base and long silhouette make it the perfect statement piece!

Created by Village Thrive, and woven by artisans in Bali, these basket bags are spacious too – easily carrying rolled-up towels, swimsuits, and more.

Rattan is a fast-growing, sustainable crop that grows in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

This bag preserves the rattan’s natural look and feel, so it fits right in at any island destination.

Buy it on MadeTrade

Oversized Palm Basket

This oversized beach basket is made from natural palm leaves by artisans in Rwanda and Ghana.

It’s handwoven, sustainable, and durable, and empowers women from underprivileged communities.

Indego Africa invests 100% of its profits into educational programs for its producers, where they can learn about business, leadership, and the global export industry.

Buy it from Indego Africa

Dip-Dye String Bag

Why not replace your single-use plastic bags with something reusable, natural, and vegan-friendly?

These versatile bags are made from 100% organic cotton and are perfect for carrying everything from beach gear to fresh produce!

Thought Essentials has been making sustainable clothing and accessories since 1995, and the company supports ethical factories that are GOTS and Fairtrade certified. 

Oh, and did we mention this is also one of the most affordable reusable beach bags?!

Buy it from Thought

Nannacay Beach Bag

Nannacay is more than a brand, it’s a social enterprise. All the products meet high sustainability standards that protect the people making them, and the planet.

This emerald green croqueted bag has a soft, floppy aesthetic that looks cozy and casual in any situation.

This ethical fashion brand partners with independent artisans in Peru, Brazil, ad Ecuador to make these beautiful woven bags that stand out for their unique style.

Buy it on Nannacay

Sustainable beach bags are the future – say goodbye to nasty plastic fabrics that pollute the environment and exploit the people that make them. As more brands join the fight against climate change, there are plenty of stylish, sustainable options to suit your summer needs!

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