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3 Essential Items for Your Zero Waste Car Kit

3 Essential Items for Your Zero Waste Car Kit

No matter where you go, taking a zero waste trip can be pretty challenging. Disposables are king on the road! If you want to make it to the end of your trip without gathering up a collection of paper coffee cups and throwaway plastics, you have to be prepared.

Luckily, I’ve had the chance to test out my very own zero waste car kit; and let me tell you, it has saved me a number of times.

3 Must-Have Items for Your Zero Waste Car Kit

1 | Mason Jar

I honestly believe that a mason jar is one of the most versatile items on the planet. They seal water-tight, making them perfect for solid foods, soups and cold drinks. Perfect for restaurant leftovers!

Need to use it for coffee in a snap? Pack a mason jar cozy to protect your fingers while you sip your hot drink.

I highly recommend checking out your local thrift stores to see if you can find a range of sizes for your pantry and your to-go kit. This is a super affordable way to go! Not interested in buying secondhand? Save and wash jars from sauces and nut butters or visit any of your local big box stores.

You can also stock up from Amazon here.

2 | Cloth Napkin

If you eat out a lot, definitely stash a cloth napkin in your car or purse. This item will come in handy if you need to pick up a sandwich or a pastry, or need to wrap something for transport. They’re also great for wrapping bulk goodies like crackers or nuts! 

Odds are you already have plenty of cloths to choose from in your kitchen. Pick one that isn’t too thick (you want to be able to tie it closed) and that is made from a natural fiber that washes up well.

If you don’t have any kitchen cloths to spare, pick one up locally or buy them here!

3 | Cutlery Kit

Few fast food items sneak up on me more than plastic straws and disposable cutlery. This is why I keep a cutlery kit that includes a bamboo fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks, and a stainless steel straw in my purse. Pick one up and start refusing those disposables at restaurants!

Amazon has a number of lightweight, nicely wrapped cutlery kits to choose from. You can also opt to make your own, or assemble some silverware from home. Just make sure it includes all the items you need.

Feeling even more minimalist? Look for a convertible multipurpose tool that is a fork, spoon and knife all in one – like this one!

What would YOU include in your zero waste car kit? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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