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The Best Eco-Friendly Water Filters (How to Filter Water Without Plastic)

As many of us move away from consuming bottled water in order to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic water bottles, we are seeking new ways in which to drink water safely, while keeping all of the nutrients intact so that our bodies gain the maximum benefit.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in an eco-friendly water filter pitcher. Using a non plastic water filter can actually add minerals to your drinking water, therefore improving the water quality, and they have been designed in such a way that they remove foreign bodies and chemicals from the liquid, making it safe and refreshing to drink.

Water filters help to reduce your carbon footprint and can help save water too, thus, contributing to a healthy environment and sustainable planet. If purchasing an eco filter is something you have been considering for a while, our guide below details some of the best environment friendly water purifiers and plastic free water filter pitchers on the market today, to help you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

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Why Opt for a Plastic-free Water Filter

Unless we are fortunate enough to live on a remote mountainside, we don’t obtain water directly from the source. Before it reaches our homes it’s transported to a treatment plant where it goes through a purification process.

The problem with this, is that many essential minerals that our bodies need are removed from the water during this process, making it less nutritious and less safe for us to drink.

Water treatment plants tend to add flouride and chlorine to the water to eliminate bacteria too, and although these levels are controlled, when we drink directly from the tap, these toxins can enter our bodies, potentially causing health issues.

At this point you may be thinking, why not just drink bottled water? Well, increased plastic consumption puts a strain on delicate eco-systems, not to mention that most plastics contain an industrial chemical known as BPA – Bisphenol-A.

This has been linked to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and can also affect brain development and the behavior of children.

Another issue is plastic pollution. As plastic can take decades, even centuries in some cases to break down, bottles are left in landfills, releasing harmful toxins into the soil we need to grow food and harming wildlife and nature in general.

Plastics can also deteriorate water supplies and marine life, destroying entire species as more bottles are dumped in the ocean. As of today, even with this knowledge, there are still no biodegradable plastic bottles on the market.

Sustainable plastic-free water filters eliminate the majority of these issues. They help to remove chlorine and flouride, also heavy metals, pesticides and microplastics from the water while keeping essential minerals intact.

Most eco-friendly water filter systems are made from glass or other safe materials too, so even when the product lifecycle is complete, they can be recylced, composted, or reused. Water filters and cartridges (used to purify the water) are long-lasting and some refillable, so in the end, it can cost less money (in the long-term) to invest in an eco friendly home water filtration system than you would spend on bottles of water each year!

Best Zero Waste Water Filters

A zero waste water filtration system is easy to use and can be incredibly economical over time. On our comprehensive list below, we show you the best quality environmentally-friendly water filters from several manufacturers, the ones which represent great value for money and the functions that they offer.

Read on to find the best water filter pitcher brand to serve yourself and your family. There’s something for every home and budget!

Aquaovo Ovopur – Wood Base Maple

State-of-the-art Aquaovo Ovopur is revitalizing the way we drink water, and it’s definitely classed as one of the best plastic free water filter options available on the market today.

Its unique egg shape, designed by water researchers and inspired by nature, helps to circulate and regenerate the water, and as the container is made from Limoges porcelain, it also has thermal properties to help water remain cool and ready to drink all day long.

Now for the science. The company uses bioceramic pellets and quartz crystal to remove any impurities from the water and a copper alloy/zinc blend eliminates heavy metals. Then an activated carbon section continues the process removing up to 99% of pollutants too, helping to enhance the taste of the water and reduce any odors.

The Aquaovo Ovopur is easy to use, simply fill the upper reservoir and the filter does the rest. When the water is filtered into the main holding area, just pull the handle to release fresh, natural drinking water.

Aquaovo Ovopur can hold a generous 2.9 gallons of capacity, and all-in-all it’s one of the best water purifiers on the market. It’s sleek, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, plus, it comes with an Aquacristal filter included. While it’s not an inexpensive option, this is a zero waste water filter that will last you a lifetime.

Learn more here

GOpure Pod Water Purifier

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? GOpure Pod Water Purifiers are perfect for home, work and travel use as they can purify tap water wherever you are in the world! They can be ordered in several different sizes and help to keep bacteria and toxic contaminants out of the water and your body.

The purifiers work by using PuriBloc advanced ceramic technology made from diatomaceous earth (DE) to remove any harmful chemicals or toxins from the water.

The pod’s core traps and eliminates even the tiniest levels of particles to ensure the water you drink is fit for consumption and deliciously tasty. It can be used with hot or cold water from sinks, hoses, drinking fountains and more, helping to purify and clean drinking water wherever you go, optimizing PH levels to help ensure you maintain a healthy heart, bones, joints and skin.

The GOpure water pod is completely natural and planet-friendly, it works in any container from coffee pots to reusable water bottles and each pod has the capacity to purify 264 gallons of water, helping to eliminate plastic bottle use.

It’s easy to use too, simply rinse in cold water, cleaning throughly before using for the first time and repeat this process every two weeks. The water purifies within two minutes of dropping the pod into the bottle, so you can drink it almost immediately.

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Binchotan Charcoal from Kishu

Binchotan Charcoal - Water Purifying Stick for Great-Tasting Water from Kishu, Japan - Each Stick Filters Personal-Sized Water Bottle - 6 Slim Sticks

If you’re seeking a cheap and easy fix to purify water, Binchotan Charcoal water purifying sticks could be the perfect option. Binochan derives from Japanese oak – the highest grade of activated charcoal from the Kishu region of Japan.

The sticks have superb natural properties that help to soften the water and reduce any odors and they fit easily into a bottle of water. Simply use one stick for a reusable water bottle or two for a larger jug.

If you are wondering how they work, the charcoal sticks are activated by heating to a high temperature and then rapidly cooling. Therefore, it’s advisable, every two weeks to boil them in water (in a pot, or your non-toxic kettle) for 10 minutes then allow them to naturally dry.

They aren’t recommended for use in water that isn’t from known sources and another drawback is, they can take up to four hours to filter water. The Binchotan Charcoal filters also can’t be relied on to remove hard metals and microplastics as other filter methods do.

However, from an environmental perspective, each natural charcoal stick does have a lifespan of around three months, and after use they can be composted by breaking up and placing into soil, making them a truly zero waste option.

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CuZn Under Counter Water Filter

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - 50K Ultra High Capacity - Made in USA

With a long lifespan (up to 5 years) and a large capacity, the CuZn UC-200 is a game changer when it comes to water filters.

It contains an acid washed, coconut shell activated carbon water filter which eliminates everything from chlorine, THM’s, as well as herbicides and pesticides. Then the KDF-55 Filtration Media removes leads and heavy metals, leaving you with deliciously fresh tasting, clean drinking water.

The undercounter water filter is easy to use, simply place under the sink – remembering to disconnect the water supply beforehand, and reconnect to the outlet of the filter. A stainless steel hose is included for connection to your cold water valve, just secure and the task is complete!

If your plumbing system isn’t standard, you can contact the customer support team and they will advise as to which adapters may be needed.

Another benefit to this filter is that it is bacteriostatic, which means it doesn’t attract mould or bacteria like some carbon block filters on the market.

Some consumers may find this water filter a little more expensive than other products, but the CuZn UC-200 meets the task of providing pure, natural tasting, and healthy water to drink, and they have a super helpful customer service team.

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Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter System

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Sleek and stylish Big Berkey is ideal for work and office use, off-grid homes, RVing, camping and unexpected water shortages, as the large size caters for to up to 16 people.

Manufactured with highly polished 304 stainless steel, this 2.25 gallon water filter system has a total lifespan of around 3,000 gallons. They are easy to use too – simply pour untreated water into the top chamber and let the filter system do its magic.

Big Berkey removes up to 200+ contaminants, from heavy metals to organic solvents, pesticides, nitrates and food coloring without stripping any beneficial minerals from the water.

They are equipped with a handy fluoride filter which attaches to the stem of the Black Element and after multiple uses, Big Berkey can remove 99.9% of fluoride from drinking water.

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PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System, 3-in-1 Powerful, Natural Mineral Filtration with Lead Reduction, Vertical, Chrome, FM3700B

Slightly different from the other water systems we have mentioned so far, the PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System actually attaches to your faucet.

This eco friendly home water filtration system is manufactured from polished chrome and is easy to use, thanks to a 1-click attachment (no tools required), and an on/off lever that controls the filtering process. The product has been certified to reduce lead and chlorine content in drinking water and the faucet filters eliminate over 10 more contaminants than a regular pitcher filter.

The PUR PLUS faucet mount works with an activated carbon and ion exchange and Mineral Core technology to deliver delicious, pure tasting drinking water. A convenient filter alert lights up when it needs to be replaced too, so you can always be one step ahead.

PUR have been selling superior water filtration products over over three decades, allowing you to purchase with confidence. The filtration faucet is very reasonably priced for the product and you’re helping to saving the planet with no further need for plastic bottled water.

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pH Replenish Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH Replenish Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water Filter Pitcher for Pure Drinking Water - Water Jug for High pH Filtered Water - 1.8 L / 61 Oz

This stylish plastic free water filter jug from pH Replenish is manufactured from premium borosilicate glass (like our favorite eco-friendly baby bottles!) and equipped with a filter pouch – ideal for travel.

The contemporary design looks great in any kitchen, on a dining table, or in a hotel room, and it’s safe, reliable, easy to use and store away.

Over 10 proprietary materials filter out harmful chemicals and metals such as chlorine, flouride and lead, while allowing beneficial minerals for your wellbeing ie. magnesium and calcium to remain in the drinking water. A unique ionizing filteration system helps to increase the alkaline content to ph10 and it softens the water too, leaving you with pure, odorless, good tasting drinking water.

Each of these water pitchers have capacity to hold up to 1.8 liters, making them the perfect choice for providing water for cooking and brewing coffee and tea. All products are BPA free and food grade standard, plus, the company pledge a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product.

The jugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and have been awarded with Red Dot Product Design Award. If you’re looking for an eco friendly water purifier, this one ticks a lot of boxes.

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British Berkefeld Gravity-Fed Water Filter System

British Berkefeld 2.24 Gallon Gravity-Fed Water Filter System- Stainless Steel with 2x ATC Super Sterasyl Candle Filters

British Berkefeld Water Filter Systems are manufactured by Doulton who have provided access to clean drinking water for almost two centuries. The UK based company makes and distributes water filtration sytems to over 140 countries, and as their products are eco-friendly, utilizing naturally-occuring raw materials, they are good for the planet too.

The 2.24 gallon, gravity-fed water filter system is strong and durable in stainless steel, but not only that, the 2 ATC Sterasyl candle filters provided help to remove up to 99.9% of contaminants while leaving all the healthy minerals your body needs intact.

The multi-stage filtration system outer shell first removes bacteria and particles. Then granular activated carbon eliminates chlorine and other elements to help improve the taste and odor. In fact, these water filters can extract everything from lead and herbicides to bacterias that cause Salmonella Typhi, Vibrio Cholera and E.Coli!

These water filters are perfect to use at home or in the great outdoors where there is no access to reliable water supplies. British Berkefeld also provide these water filters to humanitarian relief to refugee camps, communities in development and areas that have suffered from natural disasters, therefore you can be sure you’re purchasing from a company that cares about people and our planet.

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ZeroWater Ready-Pour Glass Water Filter Dispenser

ZeroWater 40 Cup Glass 5-Stage Water Filter Dispenser 0 TDS for Improved Tap Water Taste - IAPMO Certified to Reduce Lead, Chromium, and PFOA/PFOS

This compact ready pour glass water filter dispenser is an ideal size for use at home, and also great for workstations in small offices. The easy-to-use water filter is quick to dispense clean drinking water and can be used even while the reservoir is still filtering.

The ZeroWater five-stage filtration system removes up to 99% of TDS (total dissolved solids) to leave you with a natural, pure tasting water.

The 5-stage filter process works by eliminating fine particles and solids, then organic contaminants, before removing metals, inorganic compounds and ultra fine particles which are often missed. In fact, these NSF certified water filters can remove up to 99% of lead and chromium, up to 94% of PFOA/PFOS and 92% of mercury.

They are super easy to use too. To install, twist the filter into the bottom of the reservoir and secure, then fill with cold water from the tap and place the lid on top to allow all of the water to pass through the filter. To dispense clean drinking water, use the push to pour switch and you’re good to go!

ZeroWater filter pitcher also come with a handy TDS meter which tells you when the filter needs to be replaced. All of the materials used to create the product are BPA free, and to put usage into perspective, these water filters can save up to 2100 plastic bottles per year, making them an eco-friendly water filter option.

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KOR Water Fall

KOR Water Fall

KOR Water Fall is an eco-friendly product with an elegant design which helps to purify tap water effectively. It also comes with little extras like a Water Fall stand, filter and two glass carafes with lids, so you can keep chilled filtered water in the refridgerator.

The filter is all-natural, made from coconut shells to give you the purest tasting drinking water, and as a single filter lasts for up to 4 months, you really get your money’s worth.

The product has been certified to NSF 42 standard and removes everything from chlorine to odors and bad tastes found in most unfiltered tap water. You can add herbs and fruit infusions to the glass carafe too, and a non-slip base means no spills or mishaps.

The product holds one liter capacity at the top and they are easy to use too, simply turn the dial to start or stop the water flow! The only downside is that it doesn’t remove fluoride, if that’s important to you.

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LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

LifeStraw Home Pitcher BPA Free Plastic 7 cup Aqua

LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitchers remove bacteria, microplastics, parasites, PFA and over 30 more contaminants from tap water while improving the taste.

Its elegant and sleek design made from borosilicate glass with either a clear or coloured filter is perfect to place on restaurant tables or for home use at dinner. One membrane microfilter lasts for up to a year and the activated carbon and ion exchange filter for up to 60 days.

The company are an ethical choice too – B-Corp and Climate Neutral Certified, and each purchase you make from LifeStraw equals a year of safe drinking water for one child around the world.

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The Soma Pitcher

SOMA 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Soma Water Pitcher is effortlessly designed to complement any home, with an eco-friendly bamboo handle and BPA free plastic pitcher jug. While this isn’t the perfect solution for a plastic-free water filter, read on to find out why they’re still a worthy contribution to this list.

The Soma filters are manufactured with sustainable activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal to help protect your drinking water from lots of potentially harmful elements including mercury, zinc, cadmium, copper and chlorine. Each filter can last for up to two months, making them great value if you’re used to purchasing bottles of water.

When you purchase a product from Soma, you’re helping to give back to our planet too. The company are a certified B-corporation, who try to find solutions to the water crisis in the world. Each time you purchase one of their products they donate to water charities and projects and offset emissions with forestry efforts. They also ensure that they are only working with ethical companies and are transparent about who they partner with.

Soma Water Pitchers are reasonably priced, ideal for families, the only negative aspect is that some customers say that it can spill a little when pouring water due to the tilt angle.

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Phox V2 Glass Water Filter

Phox is revolutionizing the way water filters are produced and they promote themselves as producing the world’s most eco-friendly water filter. This innovative company, source raw materials for manufacturing, packaging and design, all within a 50 mile radius of their office in Scotland, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

The jugs are made from polypropylene with rubber seals of silicone, however, as the jar is glass, there are no risks of plastics filtering into your drinking water.

The company offer two filter packs, made with coconut shell active carbon and infused with electrolytes. The Alkaline Pack filters the water to PH 8-9 and contains added magnesium to help acid reflux, aid sports recovery and improve tap water taste, plus, it helps to eliminate any elements that shouldn’t be in the water such as lead, copper and chlorine.

In contrast, the Clean Pack helps to soften the water and is ideal for use with tea and coffee. The eco water filter replacement is around every six weeks or 200 liters and the glass pitchers hold up to 1.5 liters of capacity. The reservoir takes around 4-6 minutes for a full run.

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AcalaQuell Mini Water Filter System

This compact, complete water filter system provides drinking water with natural spring qualities. With the AcalaQuell Mini Water Filter System, water passes through several filtration stages until it reaches optimal levels, ready for drinking.

The ceramic pre-filter doesn’t allow particles, dust or rust to penetrate the liquid, and a second premium filter cartridge made from activated carbon and silver charcoal eliminates any heavy metals, hormones, nitrates and drug residues.

The water flows through a layer of alkaline bioceramic where calcium ions are released in the water to balance the PH levels. Following this, the water makes its way through a catalyctic function, passing through quartz sand similar to a flowing brook or stream. This allows the pure taste of fresh, natural spring water to return.

When the water is properly filtered, you can add mineral stones to the 5 liter crystal tank or herbs to enjoy an aromatic infusion.

This practical water filter looks wonderful on any kitchen counter, however, it is quite expensive and the one gallon size may not be large enough to cater to larger families and groups.

Learn More Here

If you’ve been looking for the best eco friendly water filter jug or an environmentally friendly water filter for a while, hopefully our extensive list has equipped you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed purchasing choice.

Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right, and thankfully, there are companies out there who are bringing ground-breaking products the forefront for use in our homes, workspaces and while travelling.