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Best Non-Toxic Baby Play Mats for Tummy Time Fun!

Your new baby will spend an enormous amount of time on the floor, strengthening their neck and shoulder muscles, learning to roll, crawl, and play, and discovering the world around them.

However, this playtime also means your infant will be in close contact with potentially harmful fabric and materials, so just like using non-toxic paint on their furniture, it’s also essential to find a safe baby mat for play time.

Non-toxic kids’ play mats are ideal for staging cute pictures, and the clean and chemical-free material won’t risk your baby’s health.

Our top pick? The Natural Padded Play Mat from Toki Mats

What’s Wrong With Traditional Baby Play Mats?

Unlike non-toxic baby floor mats, traditional foam play mats are made with hazardous materials such as EVA, PVC, and polyurethane. These materials can release toxins such as formamide and isocyanates, which could cause respiratory issues, irritate skin and eyes, and may have carcinogenic properties.

PVC is a top contender of materials to avoid in play mats as it is made with an array of harmful materials that are detrimental to the environment and may expose your baby to hormone-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates.

Babies and young children are susceptible to air pollution and toxins as they breathe large amounts of air relative to their body size, continually put things in their mouths, have thin absorbent skin, and are still developing and growing. Rather than using a traditional rug, you should opt for a non-toxic baby floor mat from a trusted and verified supplier (see our recommendations below!).

What to Look for in a Non-Toxic Baby Mat

You won’t need to worry about canceling play time or exposing your baby to toxic chemicals when you choose a non-toxic mat. The most suitable option is an organic baby play mat made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp fabric, linen, and natural latex. These sustainable materials are hypoallergenic better for the environment, and breathable, giving the mat a longer life.

When selecting non-toxic playmats, we recommend also researching the company’s chemical-free claims, ethics, and supply chain to ensure they abide by strict guidelines and obtain sustainability certification so you can be confident in your choice.

Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Your Baby

We’ve created a list of the best playmats for babies so you can provide your child with a suitable play space to learn, explore, develop, and grow.

National Parks Mat From Toki Mats

This non-toxic foam play mat by Toki Mats is perfect for active babies.

The thick, certified natural latex foam provides soft padding from hard surfaces allowing your baby to roll, crawl, and move.

The soft foam comes from rubber tree sap and exhibits small air pockets making the mat breathable.

Toki Mats make this baby accessory fun and stimulating with exciting designs on their organic cotton fabric outer layer that is also machine washable.

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Organic Cotton Play Mat/Blanket From Pillobebe

Pillobebe creates quality soft quilted playmats free from formamide, PVC, phthalates, lead, and other harmful substances.

Unlike most commercial brands, it’s a non-toxic padded play mat that’s filled with organic cotton wadding, not polyester. Meaning it’s a great choice for the environment too.

The large size gives your baby ample space to play as they grow while the soft, certified organic cotton is gentle on their skin.

Each handmade quilted organic playmat has a different design on the front and back, so you can readily change the look of a room or play area by turning it over. The top-stitched feature increases durability and provides a sophisticated, finished appearance.

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Life Aquatic Playmat From Pehr

Pehr products are designed in Canada and then responsibly manufactured in India. The company provides fresh, modern, and sophisticated designs, as you’ll notice, with its timeless baby playmat.

Their beautiful Life Aquatic play mat is made with 100% cotton, screen printed with AZO-free dyes, and quilted for softness and comfort.

The reversible play mat allows you to showcase one of two beautiful designs depending on your home decor or mood, and you can easily keep it clean and hygienic because it’s machine washable.

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Organic Cotton Play Mat From MakeMake Organics

These organic baby play mats from MakeMake Organics are reversible and perfect for any nursery or home. They are made with 100 % Global Organic Textile Standard cotton in a certified factory in India.

The beautiful patterns are created with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes, and you can rest assured that the absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides means your baby won’t be breathing in any toxins.

Every play mat is made with 300-thread count cotton sateen, which is gentle and smooth against your baby’s skin, while the OEKO-TEX certified polyfill filling is also safe for your child and gives them a soft and fluffy place to play.

Buy it at Makemake Organics

Rocky Road Play Mat From Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection is committed to providing quality, non-toxic and biodegradable children’s products to protect human health and the planet.

Their fun and playful Rocky Road play mat is a non-slip design with natural rubber foam underneath and cork on top (similar to our favorite eco-friendly yoga mats). It is made from sustainably harvested material and free of any nasty chemicals.

The antibacterial cork top is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it clean, and the road map design is made with safe, non-toxic ink. You can easily roll the non-toxic foam play mat for easy storage or to take outside for playtime.

Buy it at Pure Earth Collection

Round Play Mat From Finn + Emma

Emma and Finn believe stylish and sustainable belong together. They are committed to producing beautiful, classic, and sophisticated products in fair trade settings where local people can live a socially and economically independent life.

You can trust that their extra-large non-toxic baby play mat is chemical-free, and its beautiful, dreamy vibe can suit any interior decor.

This round mat is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to lounge, roll, play, and crawl, and it makes a soft play mat for their toddler and pre-school years.

It is made with organic cotton and has a macrame fringe giving it a chic style. You can easily remove the outer cover to machine wash, and the handles make transport to various rooms effortless.

Buy from Finn & Emma

Organic Play Mat From Hemp Organic Life

For a custom-sized play mat, Hemp Organic Life will create one to your specifications.

Your baby is sure to be happy playing and crawling on this plush, soft non-toxic playmat, and you can have peace of mind knowing that their little body is protected from hard surfaces.

The mat’s outer fabric is non-dyed natural linen. While the inner filling is an organic hemp fiber ensuring a completely waste-free product that won’t harm your baby or the environment.

You can enjoy the benefits of this non-toxic foldable play mat anywhere you go, simply roll it up, and take it with you.

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Wool Play Mat with Washable Cover From Home of Wool

Another mat you can customize to your preference comes from Home of Wool.

Home of Wool is passionate about creating handmade products with biodegradable and renewable resources and without chemicals or synthetic materials so your baby can play in luxurious comfort.

You can choose your ideal machine washable cover from a selection of natural-certified non-toxic materials, including a linen and cotton blend, cotton, linen, and wool.

Anti-bacterial wool is used to pad this play mat so you can enjoy its numerous benefits, including being hypoallergenic, and dust mite and mildew resistant.

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Safari Play Mat for Babies From Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery Safari Play Mat for Babies - Reversible Floor Mat for Tummy Time Made with Sustainable Materials - Padded Activity Mat for Infant Play - (40 Inches)

Visually stimulate your baby and keep them interested in tummy time with the Wee Gallery Safari playmat.

This mat is ethically made in India and features an organic cotton cover with Oeko-tex polyester padding for comfort.

The fun and contrasting black-and-white graphics can support your baby’s brain development and encourage learning through play.

Your baby can enjoy cushioned play anytime and anywhere, as these mats come with a reusable carry strap.

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Luxe Nappy-Free Playmat From Toddlekind

There is nothing more freeing than nappy-free tummy time, and you won’t have to worry about messes soaking through to your floor with the Luxe play mat from Toddlekind.

Your baby can enjoy crawling, playing, and growing on the soft, double-quilted cotton baby play rug while you can watch on stress-free knowing the center is waterproof.

This mat is non-toxic due to the GOTS-certified cotton cover and polyester inner layer, it can be cleaned in your washing machine for low maintenance, and has a stylish design to suit your home.

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The Play Gym From Lovevery

For the play mat that has everything and grows with your child, The Play Gym from Lovevery is perfect.

This mat offers your baby stage-based activities from newborn through to toddler age with detachable toys, activity cards, and the ability to transform the mat into a fort.

It meets the non-toxic requirements that every parent is searching for and has the added feature of supporting your child’s development.

The activity gym is made from natural materials including organic cotton and sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood to protect your baby’s health.

Buy it from Lovevery

ALZiP Silicon Mat

ALZIP MAT Dust Zero Baby Play Mat Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Non-Slip Reversible Waterproof (XG (110x55 inch), Urban Gray)

The ALZiP mat is completely non-toxic, so your baby can lick, crawl, and have a safe space to play without worry.

It is made with premium silicon-coated vegan leather to give your baby a soft place to wriggle, is gentle on their skin, and gives the mat some grip, so it doesn’t slide around on hardwood floors.

The mat’s removable cover is also FDA-compliant material, and the thick, high-density foam inner is ideal for minimizing pressure on your little one’s joints.

This durable and sustainable mat will last through many years of use.

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With a wide range of non-toxic baby playmats from trusted brands, you can find the perfect mat to suit your home decor, personal preferences, and baby’s requirements.