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Best Eco-Friendly Hangers for Sustainable Style

The humble coat hanger has been helping us keep our clothes neat, uncreased, and easy to sort since it first appeared in 1869.

Today, hangers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials – they are cheap to make and easy to throw away. Because of this, around 20 billion (yes you read correctly) plastic hangers end up in the trash each year, where they’ll sit for hundreds of years.

Thankfully, many companies now make eco-friendly clothing hangers to help retail stores, fashion designers, and everyday people do their part to preserve the planet. Discover our favorites below!

Our Top Picks:
(re)x Recycled Plastic Hangers 
MAWA Steel Hangers

What’s wrong with traditional clothes hangers?

Most curbside recycling companies don’t accept plastic, wire, or even wooden hangers, meaning most end up in the trash. Just in the US alone, 8 – 10 billion plastic and metal hangers are produced from new materials every year, 85% of which end up in landfills where they can take hundreds of years to disintegrate.

Traditional wire hangers can jam up machinery at recycling plants. If you want to recycle them, you’ll need to drop them off at a local scrapyard or metal recycling facility. And most wooden hangers are not recyclable because manufacturers coat them in varnish and paint.

Plastic hangers are typically made from polystyrene (plastic number 6) or polycarbonate (plastic number 7), which is challenging and expensive to recycle. Hangers can contain up to seven different types of plastic, making separation for recycling almost impossible.

What’s more, the cheap plastics used in manufacturing hangers may leach toxic chemicals, such as bisphenol-A and benzene, into the environment when they decompose in landfills.

What to look for in eco-friendly clothes hangers

Making the switch to eco-friendly coat hangers can help your household produce less waste in the long run. Look for hangers that are easy to recycle – separating steel hooks from wood or plastic frames makes recycling more difficult, so it’s best to choose a hanger made from one solid material. 

Using plastic-free hangers helps preserve the non-renewable resources required to produce brand-new plastic products. So when choosing new hangers, look for those made with renewable materials such as FSC wood, or rattan. Alternatively, opt for hangers made from recycled plastics or cardboard to help clean the environment by turning waste into useful objects.

Best Sustainable Clothes Hangers

Many fashion labels and clothing brands now offer eco hangers with a lower environmental impact than traditional alternatives. We’ve listed some of the most environmentally friendly coat hangers available below.

MAWA space-saving steel shirt hangers

MAWA Euro Series Non-Slip Space Saving Clothes Hanger, Set of 10, Silver Style 40/P, Pack of 10, 10 Count (14148)

These slimline steel coat hangers from MAWA are sleek and stylish, helping you organize your clothes neatly without using any plastic.

The German company is committed to sustainability, and they build their eco clothes hangers with strength and durability in mind, promoting long-time use with fewer replacements.

These hangers have a minimalist design with a gentle curve that protects the shoulders of your shirts, and they have a non-toxic non-slip coating to prevent clothes from slipping off.

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Kids’ cardboard clothes hangers from Koobay 

30Pack Koobay 11' Brown Paper Cardboard Recyclable Children Clothes Hangers for Baby & Toddlers Coat

International hanger producer, Koobay, uses cardboard to produce recyclable clothes hangers for babies and toddlers.

These biodegradable hangers have a simple, single-material design with minimal printing in eco-friendly ink.

The company is FSC and ISO accredited, and its hangers are slim, strong, lightweight, and have an anti-slip surface to prevent your little one’s outfits from falling off the hanger.

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(re)x recycled plastic hangers 

100% Recycled Ocean and Ocean Bound Plastic Sustainable Adult Hanger (Gray)

(re)x’s recycled hangers help clean up the environment and create jobs in Africa, all while creating a quality product you’ll love hanging your favorite sustainable clothing brands on!

The company uses reclaimed plastic from South Africa to create eco-friendly hangers that are 50% thicker than their everyday alternatives.

These strong, sustainable hangers have reinforced bridges to hold heavy garments without bending or breaking. And they come packaged in recycled cardboard printed with water-based inks.

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Beautiful Solid Brass Clothes Hangers

These handmade solid brass hangers are a beautiful alternative to plastic, steel, or wooden bridal hangers.

Their intricate detailing and vintage style pair perfectly with wedding dresses, tuxes, suits, and other garments for special occasions.

Brass is 100% recyclable and does not lose its strength or shine when recycled into new products. 

However, as these hangers are made to last a lifetime, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to think of disposal!

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Recycled Cardboard Baby Hangers 

Looking for eco-friendly baby hangers?

These US-made, cardboard hangers make a cute addition to any boho nursery with their natural finish and heart-shaped cutouts.

Their naturally anti-slip surface keeps little outfits on the rail and off the floor, and they are suitable for newborn to toddler-sized kid’s clothing.

Hello Treehouse Goods manufactures its hangers with 100% recycled paperboard that is 100% recyclable, making them true zero-waste hangers.

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Rattan Clothes Hangers

These beautiful rattan coat hangers have an old-school charm and rustic, natural finish that brings out the colors of your clothes and makes for artful open closets.

Rattan is a natural material from climbing vines, similar to bamboo hangers in its hollow structure and light brown color.

Manufacturers have used rattan for years to make eco-friendly furniture, which has since found its way into the fashion industry. These hangers are strong, lightweight, and handmade in Bali. 

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Simply Green Recycled Hangers

Simply Green ECO-Friendly 10 Pack Hangers Made from Recycled Materials. Thin, Light and Durable. Gentle Curves for Wrinkle Prevention, Holds up to 10.5 lbs, 360-Degree Rotating Hook

Simply Green is a sustainable hanger brand that makes eco-friendly clothes hangers from recycled polypropylene and straw fibers.

Their slim, lightweight design looks sleek and minimal, perfect for displaying your favorite outfits in style.

The strong composite material can hold up to 10.5lb without bending or breaking, making these hangers perfect for heavy coats and winter clothing.

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Aluminum Clothes Hangers

Cocomaya 17 Inch Pack of 10 Matte Gold Aluminum Clothes Hanger, Coat Hanger, Suit Hanger, Dress Hanger with Notches

Did you know nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today?

The metal is 100% recyclable and does not degrade with repeated recycling.

These aluminum hangers are a strong and lightweight option for eco-conscious fashion lovers.

Their double-polished matte gold finish gives them a high-end appearance that doesn’t fade – they are color-fast, fade-resistant, and suitable for hanging wet clothes.  

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Recycled Plastic Shirt Hangers

Eco-Friendly Slim Clothing Hangers for Light-Weight (Max 1lb) Clothes Made from 100% Recycled Post Consumer Plastic (Black/Grey, 20 Pack)

These recycled plastic hangers from Terra Terra Mia have a slim, functional design that helps you pack clothes neatly in a full closet.

They are perfect for hanging shirts and other light garments, with a maximum weight capacity of 1lb.

The company makes its hangers from post-consumer plastics, including bottles, caps, labels, and cups. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these hangers go to US river and ocean clean-up initiatives.

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Cedar Wood Hangers

Cedar Elements 12 Pack American Red Cedar Hangers

These wooden clothes hangers from Cedar Elements have a rustic, natural finish and fresh cedar smell – which in turn helps to keep clothes moths away!

The small business makes its hangers with 100% American-grown red cedar – a sustainable timber that grows abundantly across the US.

Red cedar is also lightweight, making its transport and processing relatively carbon efficient.

These strong and durable hangers are extremely rot-resistant and ideal for coastal regions and humid areas.

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Fabric-Covered Wooden Hangers

These handmade wooden hangers come in dozens of vintage floral designs that will transform your closet into a bright and welcoming space.

The fabric covering prevents snags and slipping – gently securing your clothes, so they hang neatly on the rail.

Wooden hangers tend to last a lot longer than plastic ones, reducing the need for replacements and helping you reduce waste. Plus, these fabulous hangers will add a touch of nostalgia to your wardrobe!

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John Lewis Beech Wood Hangers – UK Only

These sustainable wooden hangers from John Lewis are FSC certified and made from local beech wood.

Beech is a sustainable timber and renewable resource that grows in abundance.

Turning this wood into hangers has a relatively low carbon footprint because its waste products are fully recyclable.

These hangers have a sleek, minimal design and sturdy construction that is strong enough to hold a wide range of garments. The shoulder notches are ideal for hanging skirts or dresses, and the addition of a trouser bar makes them truly versatile.

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Dozens of environmentally friendly hangers on the market can help you reduce waste and preserve non-renewable resources. Wooden and metal hangers tend to last longer than cheap plastic alternatives, while recycled cardboard and plastic help turn waste into valuable products. No matter which zero waste hangers you choose, the earth will thank you for making the switch!