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Zero Waste Shaving Routine – Your Complete Guide to Making the Switch

Shaving is a cornerstone of many self-care routines. While not a requirement, societal standards combined with personal preference have made it a near-daily practice for both men and women. And if you’re one of those people that shave regularly, you may be surprised to find out this daily practice can leave quite the impact on the environment, and on your health.

Read on to find out why switching to a zero waste shaving routine is better for you, your wallet, and the world in which we live.

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Why Switch to a Zero Waste Shaving Routine?

According to Statista, 159.79 million Americans used disposable razor blades and shavers in 2019, with this number projected to increase to 161.88 million by 2023.

And since every one of these people actually goes through multiple disposable razor blades and shavers a year, the number of plastic shaving products being tossed annually is in the billions.

These disposable plastic razors are rarely able to be recycled, so a large majority of these inevitably end up in landfill where it takes around 1000 years for them to degrade. And don’t even get me started on the plastic packaging they typically come in!

Plus, it’s not just razor blades and shavers – shaving products, like creams and foams, aren’t the best for the environment either. The aerosol cans they’re packaged in can be recycled, but, they are made with potentially hazardous chemicals.

A lot of traditional shaving creams contain chemicals like sulfates, emulsifiers, and phthalates. These types of chemicals can potentially impact your reproductive health, and they have been linked to certain cancers.

Needless to say, if you shave, care about the environment, and care about your health, you should consider adopting a plastic-free shaving routine. Luckily for you, zero waste shaving requires just a few easy product swaps, and can have you saving money and waste in no time.

How to Build a Zero Waste Shaving Kit

Changing out your regular habits for a waste-free shaving routine doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, you’ll end up saving a lot in the long term! Check out a few of our favorite zero waste shaving swaps below and take the plunge…

Psst.. This isn’t just for the ladies – guys, we’ve got you covered too.

Zero Waste Razor – The Safety Razor

The first staple of a waste-free shaving kit is a reusable razor. And one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional plastic razor is a zero waste safety razor.

Reusable safety razors are made of long-lasting stainless steel and the metal blades are recyclable, making it a completely waste free razor.

They are also pretty affordable, as you can buy one for as little as $20, and a 100-pack of blades costs around $8 (blades can last anywhere from 5 to 10 shaves, maybe longer).

When you’re done with your blades, collect them, and then take them to your local recycling center – just don’t put them in your curbside bin.

There is a bit of a learning curve that comes with buying a safety razor makes many people hesitant to use one. However, once you use it for the first time, you’ll realize it’s not as scary or as difficult as it seems.

The key is to not use it like you would a regular razor. You don’t need to apply any pressure, be sure to use short strokes, and keep the razor at a 30° angle while shaving. It also helps to use shaving cream, oil or balm (more on this below).

The technique can vary a little depending on what part of your body you’re shaving, so jump on Youtube for a video tutorial if you’re still unsure.

To take care of your safety razor, and to ensure it lasts the distance, remember to rinse it with warm water after every use, and leave it somewhere where it can dry out naturally.

The Best Zero Waste Razors

Need help choosing the right zero-waste razor for your needs? Here’s our pick of the best.

Top Pick – EcoRoots Safety Razor

Choose from rose gold or black with this stylish double-edged safety razor from EcoRoots. Made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, it’s a rust-free razor that will keep your legs fuzz free for years.

Buy it here.

Albatross Butterfly Safety Razor

The ultimate in sustainable razors for both men & women, this razor is built to last. It comes with 10 free replacement blades and you can send back your used blades to be upcycled by their “Take Back” program.

Buy it here.

Well Kept Safety Razor

A solid brass razor that will last a lifetime – Well Kept’s eco-friendly razors are designed to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs, making for a smoother shave. They also look great while doing so!

Buy it here.

Best for Men – Merkur Chrome Safety Razor

The OG of plastic-free razors, German brand Merkur has been making these bad boys for decades, so you can be assured of their commitment to quality. The chrome-plated steel design is perfect for de-fuzzing any area with a smooth shave. And the adjustable blade setting makes it perfect for guys who want that 5 o’clock shadow look.

Buy it here.

What about electric razors?

You could also use an electric razor as a plastic-free razor option. These cost around $30 for a lower-end women’s razor, and up to $300 for a higher-end men’s razor. So considering comparable single-use shavers can cost you a couple hundred annually, it will pay for itself.

Electric razors don’t require water and shaving products, so you’ll save extra money and resources – a win for your wallet and the environment.

However, electric razors can come with e-waste components, and they don’t last forever, so sticking with a non-electric safety razor is ultimately better for the environment overall.

Zero Waste Shaving Brush

If you want a close, clean shave, consider using a shaving brush before going in with an eco-friendly safety razor. They are perfect for beards or other facial hair, but can also be used on different parts of the body too. Using one before shaving can soften the skin, prepare the hair, and help create a better lather.

To use, wet the brush, lather with soap or cream, and rub it in circles over the skin to create a lather. When you’re done, rinse off the brush, sit it down to dry, and go in with your safety razor. 

Shaving brushes can be made from many different materials, but if you want a fully compostable option, look for one with a wooden handle and natural bristles. Bristles will usually be made out of boar or badger hair, but there are synthetic hair options available for vegans too.

Where to buy your zero waste shaving brush:

  • Buy this Beechwood Shaving Brush from Earth Hero
  • Buy this Vegan Shaving Brush from Etsy
  • Buy this wood & synthetic bristle brush from Amazon

Zero Waste Shaving Cream

Changing what you normally use for shaving cream is another essential for waste-free shaving. If you want to keep it simple, just use whatever bar of soap you already have lying around. Chances are, you can create enough of a lather to get a clean, closer shave. You could also try using a shampoo bar.

If you want a shaving-designated product, you can get zero waste shaving soap loose or in a stainless steel container. It works like any other bar of soap, but will create a lather perfect for shaving any body part.

If you prefer to use an oil, a shaving-friendly variety like coconut oil will leave you with really soft, moisturized skin after shaving. However, if you use too much, you risk clogging up your razor and the drain.

Another sustainable option is to make a DIY shaving cream with some simple ingredients.

Most recipes online call for shea butter and coconut oil, along with some essential oils of your choosing (ingredients you can usually find in eco-friendly packaging).

Where to buy zero waste shaving creams, soaps and oils?

Ready-made Shaving Kits

If you want to adopt a zero waste shaving routine quickly and easily, there are several pre-made zero waste shave sets out there that make all of the product decisions for you.

  • Package Free – this one includes a zero waste razor, and a bar of shaving soap.
  • Etsy – this vegan-friendly kit includes a safety razor, shaving soap, some extra safety razor blades, a shaving brush, a soap stand, and a canvas bag to hold it all in!
  • The Copper Hat – this one includes a shave soap, a safety razor, and a shaving brush, as well as some free razor blades.

Other Zero Waste Shaving Accessories

As you can see above, all that’s really needed to switch to a zero waste shaving routine is an eco friendly razor and possibly something to prep your skin. But if you want to go that little extra, here are some fun accessories to up your game.


Aftershave isn’t for everyone, but if you consider it a necessity, there are zero waste options out there. Package Free makes a zero waste aftershave tonic , and there are a lot of zero waste aftershave options on Etsy. You could also try making your own.

Shaving Stand

Getting a stand for your razor can help it dry between uses, which can prolong its use. There are plenty of options on Etsy, like this one that can hold both a razor and a brush.      

No matter what your shaving preferences are, you’re likely to find a zero waste shaving routine that works for you. Or, you can always just not shave, and let no shave November last year-round! No shame in letting your body hair grow – and that goes for everyone.