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Best Online Zero Waste Stores For Plastic-Free Shopping

When it comes to shopping sustainably, we are positively spoilt for choice in comparison to even just a couple of years ago!

As well as plenty of brick and mortar stores across the country to check out, we also have access to a plethora of online zero waste stores for plastic free shopping.

It can be a little overwhelming actually, knowing where to start or which independent small businesses actually deserve your businesses. Here are our fourteen favorites from across the web, each with their own unique charm, and absolutely no plastic waste.

Prepare to reduce, reuse and recycle more than ever before – there’s bound to be a waste free online store that catches your eye!

Some are catered to wider audiences and other more niche interests & needs, so be sure to check out which suits you the best.

This article may contain compensated/affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.

Best Zero Waste Online Shops

The following stores offer a plastic free shopping experience. But more than that you can be happy about supporting small, giving back to the community, and making a vote for the kind of future you support! Let’s get started.

ETEE – Canada & USA (Ships Worldwide)

Etee’s motto is this: simple daily actions, for meaningful, lasting change.

As seen in Forbes, GQ, and National Geographic – or watched on CNN and the Food Network – they invite you to join the plastic-free revolution.

Everything they sell has been made using 100% natural and biodegradable materials, from exterior packaging to internal ingredients. All Etee makes is taken from the earth (in a sustainable manner), and can be returned there organically, or recycled at end of life!

Worried about trying something new? Don’t be! They offer a full 90 day money back guarantee on every product, so you can shop with security and full peace of mind.

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At EcoRoots, every single day is Earth Day and International Women’s Day, as they encourage you to shop small and buy products from women-owned businesses. Want self-care goodies with zero plastic waste? This is the store for you.

From shampoo bars to cleaning supplies, everything is plastic-free, from their carefully crafted products to the compostable and recyclable shipping materials they arrive in. The thousands of five star reviews speak for themselves!

You’ll have seen this ethical masterclass in The New York Times, Wirecutter, The Kitchn, and many other popular media sources. They’re also a 1% For The Planet member, so you know they take sustainability seriously.

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Aiming to make it even easier for the average person to make eco-friendly changes in their daily lives, The Sister Collective was founded by two friends who found it difficult when beginning their zero-waste journey and wanted to improve that for others.

Whether you’ve been shopping sustainably for years or are new to the whole environmentally ethical lifestyle, you’re sure to find an array of exciting products you’ll be eager to trial in your own daily life.

There’s free shipping on every order over $50, and when you sign up for their email list you can get an extra 10% off on top. What are you waiting for?! 

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Introducing you to an entire community of sustainable brands, at EarthHero, choices make changes. If you want to be a part of the solution and start doing your bit for the planet, this store is an excellent place to start: they’ve got everything.

From houseware and ethical clothing (for babies, children AND adults) to technology, pets, sports and outdoor recreation, pretty much anything you can think of and buy sustainably is available from EarthHero’s extensive stock list.

You can shop by category, by brand, find some excellent deals in their Sale and Clearance sections…plus, they have a whole host of facts and information for those just beginning their zero-waste journeys.

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Everything you need to know about this store is in its title!

Life Without Plastic is ready to equip you with your day to day essentials, household goods, groceries, health and beauty products, even baby-rearing supplies – all 100% plastic-free.

If you’re new to the zero-waste lifestyle and want to snag yourself some deals, check out the Sale, Wholesale and Clear Out sections of their site, where you’ll find wicked deals on their bestsellers and overstocked items among other seasonal discounts.

They’ve even got an entire book – a bestseller, no less –  dedicated to bringing you a world of information from a decade of studying the world of zero waste. Founders Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha promise it’s basically the sustainability bible.

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WELL EARTH GOODS – USA (Worldwide Shipping)

A family-owned, Oregon-based business, Well Earth Goods is dedicated to bringing you a variety of products with minimal waste, all obtained from sustainable sources and crafted using earth-friendly materials.

You can find just about anything you might need: tea and coffee, pet food, utensils, menstrual supplies, even CBD if that’s something you’re into! Everything is plastic free and packaged using only recyclable materials – always has been, always will be.

You can even subscribe to get a regular delivery of goods you use frequently, which can be paused at any time. This is really convenient for goods like cleaning products and baby care that you’ll run out of quick and need to replace often!

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DAY OFF DAY – USA (Ships Worldwide)

Want to support an ethical small online zero waste store? Check out DayOffDay, an Etsy store that stocks plenty of sustainable products you’ll love to use as part of your everyday life and daily routines.

A particular fan favorite is their Zero Waste Kits, for instance, Kitchen Cleaning or Oral Care, as these combine several items into one affordable bundle. This is an easy way to completely overhaul one area of your life and make it zero-waste!

Every single review the store has received is Five Stars, so you know you’re getting high-quality, premium goods delivered with care. It updates regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for their launches of new and lovely stuff!

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SPAZA – USA (Worldwide Shipping)

Another lovely Etsy store is Spaza, which offers absolutely stunning eco-friendly lifestyle goods made in South Africa then shipped out from the USA, where shipping is always absolutely free!

You’ll notice that the products here are a little more expensive than other stores on our list – this is because each individual item has been handcrafted just for you, making a one-of-a-kind item that is worthy of a few extra dollars!

From household goods to environmentally friendly travel accessories, this lovely little gem is well worth a regular browse if you’re into artisanal homeware. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get the most beautiful and sustainable items for your home.

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Not just satisfied with improving the environmental friendliness of your household goods, EarthEasy has got you covered in all aspects of your life. From travelling, health and wellness and pets to gardening and fashionable apparel, they have it all.

With free shipping on every order over $75, it’s well worth stocking up on some of your regular favorites from here – they’ve got a variety of sustainable brands you’re sure to know and love, as well as other funky zero waste goodies you might not be familiar with!

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ZEROVANA – USA (Worldwide Shipping)

Ready to inspire everyone to live a plastic free, zero waste lifestyle, the Zerovana ethos is simple: turning off the tap of plastic pollution right at the source, by using only materials that are eco-friendly and kind to the planet.

Packed to the brim with products, their store has pretty much any item you can purchase in a sustainable way. Kitchen and dining? Check. Bath and body? Check. Cleaning products? Vacation supplies? Hair and makeup? Check, check and, you guessed it… check!

Shipping worldwide and in a huge variety of currencies, this is a global sustainability supermarket that you’re sure to find a deal or two at, no matter where in the world you’re located. Check it out!

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THE REFILL SHOPPE – USA (Ships to Canada & Mexico)

With certified B Corporation status to boast about, you know as a consumer that The Refill Shoppe takes your experience as a sustainable shopper very seriously. As the store title suggests, they encourage you to abolish single-use from your home entirely!

As a business, their USP is to offer a HUGE range of refillable bottles, and then allow you to choose from over 40 refillable products, including shampoo, perfume, cleaning supplies and more.

Just pick your product, choose from a bottle, jar or refill pouch, then decide what scent and strength you’d like. It’s as simple as that!

Their current refill count stands at 48,920 and is increasing every single day – why not add a notch or two to their belt and get yourself some eco-friendly treats today!

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ECO COLLECTIVE – USA (Ships Worldwide)

As a women-owned wellness brand operating from Seattle, Eco Collective provides simple yet joyful hair care, wellness and journaling supplies for the environmentally conscious femme in your life who lives sustainably. 

Whether that’s yourself, a friend or family member, you can count on them to provide everything you need on a daily basis. Plus, all of their shipping materials are either recyclable or compostable, and entirely carbon neutral every time.

You can either buy individually or in bulk to stock up, and they also have a Sale section where you can score yourself some deals on a regular basis. Free shipping over $75 doesn’t hurt either!

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Love stores like Lush but looking for an independent alternative to support? Why not try Eco Girl! They have everything from hair care, bath and body products, zero waste makeup, natural deodorants, even menstrual cups and skincare!

Their mission is a simple one – providing earth-conscious products in one place that’s easy enough to find, prioritizing the planet and people over plastic and profit. You can shop by room, category or price, which makes your life even easier.

Want to give a store a try, but looking for the best offers? Eco Girl gives you 10% off your first order! It doesn’t sound like much, but given zero waste products can sometimes a little extra on average, and considering you might be stocking up on quite a few, it actually works out a pretty good way to go zero waste on a budget!

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With a mission to create “a more convenient way of living zero-waste and helping prevent and divert as much trash from the landfills as possible,” The Zero Market is hugely popular amongst eco-warriors. Don’t you love saving the best for last?

Every category is packed with products – Clean and Home helps you transform your plastic-ridden cleaning cupboard into a reusable haven, whilst Body and Hygiene lets you treat yourself to a pamper, guilt free and sustainably.

Eager to learn more about sustainability, but not sure where to start? Check out their renowned workshops, offering important tips and tricks! From Zero Waste 101 to Stress Management with Natural Alternatives, these are popular courses that sell out fast, so sign up to their email list and ensure you get a spot.

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