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Eco-Friendly Curtains – Discover the Beauty and Benefits

Curtains can make or break a room. They add an element of luxury, fun, or flair to your living spaces, and of course, are infinitely useful for keeping out the sun, keeping in the heat (a good way to save on electricity bills!), and providing privacy.

But with growing concerns around global warming and losing our precious natural resources, consumers are becoming increasingly interested and committed to investing in more eco-friendly and sustainable products, including home furnishings.

As a result, curtains, too, are moving onto the green radar. And more and more companies are providing us with attractive eco-friendly curtains made from organic and sustainable materials.

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Why Switch to Sustainable Curtains?

Traditional curtain fabrics can be made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, which consumes the planet’s resources at an unsustainable rate, even adding to environmental harm by using toxic chemicals and artificial dyes, polluting water sources and the air, and impacting our health. In addition, many fast fashion manufacturers (that goes for the big names in home decor too) are known to employ unethical labor practices, underpaying and exploiting workers in far away countries.

In contrast, eco-friendly drapes, including Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified curtains, rely on environmentally-conscious, sustainable materials such as linen, hemp, organic cotton curtains, and recycled fabrics. 

Which Materials to Look for in Eco Curtains?

When looking to replace your old synthetic curtains with new drapes made from organic materials, consider the following natural materials.

Hemp Curtains

Hemp is a natural plant fiber from the stems of the Cannabis plant. Regarding sustainability, hemp is the least harmful to the environment, requiring less water and helping replenish soil nutrients. It is also a robust textile and biodegradable.

Linen Curtains

This crisp yet soft textile uses the whole flax plant, limiting waste after spinning and weaving. Organic linens also avoid harmful substances – such as dyes, chemicals, and water pollution. Not only that but growing linen uses little water, and actually removes CO2 from the environment – one hectare of flax can take 3.7 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere – making it a great choice for home decor.

Organic Cotton Curtains

This fresh and versatile fabric is grown using non-genetically modified seeds, without pesticides and relying on fewer natural resources than traditionally farmed cotton. Choose organic curtains for a fresh look and a healthier alternative.

Recycled Fabric Curtains

Recycled fabrics reuse existing textiles, cycling waste, and help preserve natural resources. Textiles include recycled cotton, synthetics such as nylon and polyester, and other textile waste. Innovative manufacturers are also successfully creating synthetic polyester by recycling waste materials such as plastic bottles, helping clean the environment while avoiding the need for additional resources.

So, which eco-friendly window curtains are available? 

Best Earth-Friendly Curtains

To meet consumer demand for more sustainable curtain fabrics and manufacturing practices, many producers are stepping up with more conscious options. The good news is that they’re sourcing sustainable fabric suppliers, using fair trade labor, and creating beautiful products that will be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom.

Parachute’s Pinch Pleat Curtains

Made ethically in India with sustainable 100% linen and a 100% cotton lining, these warm chocolate brown or parchment-colored, top-to-bottom pleated medium-weight curtains from Parachute offer light-filtering privacy (not blackout) and a chic ambience to living spaces.

Versatile pinch pleats allow you to hang curtains directly on your curtain rods or use more traditional rings. This product meets the global organic textile standard and carbon-neutral shipping is available for your peace of mind.

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Linoto’s Single Panel, Custom Linen Curtains

These soft, artisanal, and durable 100% custom linen panels are available in over 20 different colors to suit your unique space. They provide gently filtered light, drape beautifully, and offer your choice of length and width. In addition, choose from nine hanging methods, including pinch pleats, grommets, ripple, tunnel, tabs, and clean finish.

These delightful curtains are made in the United States and are machine washable. Linoto is deeply committed to its environmental philosophy of minimizing environmental impact, using sustainable, organic, and biodegradable hemp, organic laundry soap, plant-based fabric softener, recycled packaging, and waste minimizing design strategies.

In addition, Linoto’s Zero Waste Program also ensures that any scraps are retained and recycled into sample swatches, linen towels, and boxer shorts.

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Magic Linen’s Curtains

This range of fourteen stunning curtain panels offers a choice of sheer and semi-sheer options in over 20 colors in solids and patterns.

Gorgeous draping, nuanced filtering, and appropriate for various headings, including tab and tie top, rod, and pleat, these beautiful 100% linen panels add warmth and a subtle ambiance to your living areas.

Available in various widths and lengths, including custom-made, these panels are stone washed for maximum softness, machine washable, and OEKO-TEX® certified. Beyond creating desirable and durable products, Magic Linen strives to help lead the way in sustainable and ethical choices and best practices.

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Made Trade Cotton Curtains

These vegan and 100% lightweight cotton curtains are handcrafted by a 100% female artisan team in rural India. These beautiful panels are hand-dyed using only natural plant and mineral-based dyes and printed using traditional carved wooden blacks.

The natural fabric allows a golden glow, adding mood and softness to your room while offering semi-opaque privacy. In addition, maker Ichcha is dedicated to improving the lives of their artisans and their families while promoting the craft and heritage of hand weaving and block printing.

Made Trade fabrics are handspun and woven on nomadic looms using chemical-free cotton. Curtains are available in 16 delightful choices, including Forest Tree, Blue Flowers, Golden Escape, and more.

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Prolinen’s Eco-Certified Linen Curtains

These 100% organic ready-made linen curtains by ProLinen are handmade and stonewashed for softness, as well as being preshrunk ready to hang in your home! Their natural fabrics are OEKO-Tex® certified, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. In addition, their appealing texture is easy to drape and offers a good amount of light and air circulation.

Hidden tabs provide simple elegance. The range is available in various widths and heights and over 40 beautiful colors and patterns.

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Kingdom of Comfort

This stellar range of handmade 100% organic stonewashed linen curtains by Kingdom of Comfort provides over 20 styles in your choice of headings and natural colors. The lightweight panels are sustainably produced, chemical-free curtains and OEKO-Tex® certified.

In addition, each order is customized for your needs in terms of width, height, and color, so you can find the best option for your home. The unique crumpled texture and natural look offer shabby chic style with soft, eco-friendly comfort. 

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LinenDuet’s Natural Linen Range

This handmade 100% European linen is natural washed, softened, and OEKO-Tex® 100 standards certified. These high-quality linen panels offer softly diffused light and sophisticated simplicity and are available in 12 gentle neutral colors such as White, Off White, Oatmeal, Ash Rose, and Cinnamon.

The curtains can be hung as is, or you can choose from convenient tiebacks to add some pizzazz. In addition, LinenDuet will add cotton lining to your curtains on request, resulting in eco-friendly blackout curtains.

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Rawganique’s Organic Drapes

A range of sustainable, and ethical linen, cotton, and organic hemp curtains offer non-toxic curtains that are free of harmful chemicals and PVC, and are 100% grown, woven, and sewn in Europe. Rawganique even offers organic blackout curtains available for a good night’s sleep.

Available in a wide choice of formal and casual styles and curated natural colors, this highly conscious range of organic drapes will add ambience and interest to any living space. These attractive eco-friendly curtains are safe for you, your family, your pets, and our beautiful planet.

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So Linen’s Linen Curtains

Available in natural and numerous beautiful colors and various sizes, headings, and finishes, these 100% stonewashed medium-weight European linen window curtains from So Linen are easy to drape and airy while gently softening the sunlight. Heavier linen curtains are available if you need increased opacity. 

Etsy offsets carbon emissions from packaging and delivery for featured ranges for your peace of mind.

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Hemp Made in UA’s Hemp Curtains

These 100% natural European hemp handmade curtains are eco-friendly and sustainable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, washable, and highly durable. Instead of degrading over time, this hemp fabric softens, becoming more luxurious.

In addition, the natural fibers in this material are UV-resistant, helping protect your home furnishings and finishes from sun damage. The product is available in a natural hue and a wide choice of lengths. 

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West Elm Natural and Organic Flax Linen Curtains

These luxe drapes are made from premium European flax, an opaque fabric that provides privacy and a muted light effect. These dreamy products are available in various measurements, with a hidden tab and pole pocket for versatility.

Beyond exceptional and elegant curtains, West Elm guarantees that panels are ethically manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility. In addition, West Elm prioritizes responsible sourcing and less waste and is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified.

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IKEA’s Klöveralm 100% Recycled Curtains

Available in delicate white and beige, this range of sheer curtains provides just the right amount of light and privacy and can be draped on a rod or a track.

Made from recycled polyester, this product cycles existing materials, requires fewer raw materials, and has less of an environmental impact than using virgin materials.

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I Love Linen’s Pure French Linen Curtain Set

These eco-friendly curtains are made from 100% French linen to yield a stylishly simple design. The beautiful sustainable, stonewashed, undyed white and natural fabric is weighted to drape perfectly, adding elegant class and classic impact to any living space.

These high-quality panels are woven from 170GSM French Linen fabric, enjoy OEKO-TEX® certification, and use less water. In addition, I Love Linen only uses recycled packaging and plants trees with every order.

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Epic Linen’s Natural Sheer Linen Curtains

Keep your home filled with soft bright light and looking good with these soft-washed 100% European linen curtains. Available in a range of heights and widths and in two colors, off-white and natural, these stunning panels drape beautifully for an elegant finish to any room.

For your convenience, various headings are available, including tab, ripple fold, ties, and rod pocket, and each artisanal handmade drape can also be customized to your needs. 

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With so many ethical, appealing, and environmentally friendly curtains available, now is the time to bring a truly healthy, natural, and chic glow to your living, dining, and bedroom spaces. Invest in sustainable style and beauty today for your and the planet’s future.