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Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry Brands to Support in 2022

We often pay attention to how sustainable our food, skincare, and makeup products are, but how often do you consider where your jewelry comes from?

Finding ethically made jewelry which has been made from sustainably sourced materials can be difficult, but the market is certainly growing, as increasing numbers of people start to consider their impact on the planet and the wider global community. 

Consider the following sustainable jewelry brands next time you’re looking for your bling fix!

Sustainable Jewelry Brands

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Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry Brands we Love!

Sustainable jewelry is far from boring! The following eco-friendly jewelry brands stand out for their stunning designs, forward-thinking initiatives, and fair working ethics.

Now there’s no excuse not to treat yourself with this ethically made jewelry!

Stefano Navi

Shaking up the world of luxury jewelry one ethically sourced & conflict-free diamond at a time, New York-based Stefano Navi are leading the way with their elegant, sustainable jewelry.

Say goodbye to the environmental detriment caused by earth-mined diamonds, and fall in love with the sparkle of certified lab-grown diamonds instead.

Their refined designs are also crafted using fair-mined, recycled, and sustainable gold, and each piece is handcrafted in their NYC facility before being sent to you in eco-friendly packaging.

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Omi Woods

Omi means ‘water’ in Yoruba, while woods is derived from Ashley Alexis McFarlane’s Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage and the indigenous Taino word ‘Xaymaca’, meaning ‘land of wood and water’.

Omi Woods features bold yet minimalist pieces that celebrate Africa and the African diaspora. Each piece is individually and ethically handmade from fair-trade African gold and globally sourced conflict-free fine metals.

The gold is sourced from small-scale artisanal mines that believe in paying miners a fair wage and contribute to improved healthcare, education, and living conditions across Africa. 

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SOKO is a women-led, people-first ethical jewelry brand designed to connect artisans in Kenya with the global market.

The brand aims to reduce inequality and poverty while creating high-quality jobs that offer dignity and purpose. 

They offer an extensive range of jewelry, from stackable necklaces to statement earrings, at an affordable price point, so there’s something for everyone.

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Looking for ethical, sustainable jewelry that won’t break the bank? Enter D.Louise. This UK based company offers extremely durable jewelry that guarantees not to tarnish or lose color, no matter where you wear it – whether that’s at the gym, or even in the pool!

Made from recyclable and reusable stainless steel and finished with an environmentally-friendly gold plating process, this hard-wearing jewelry even comes with a lifetime warranty!

If that hasn’t got you sold already, D.Louise also ships all orders in recyclable, plastic-free packaging, and they plant a tree for every order!

Buy it on D.Lousie

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than just a jewelry brand – they’ve pioneered a global maker-to-market movement that prioritizes both workers and the environment. 

They offer a huge collection of jewelry, clothing, homeware, and more – made by fairly paid artisans from all over the world.

Their focus is on the use of locally sourced, recycled, and renewable materials in their products. And if you’re on a budget – this is the ethical jewelry brand for you!

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Nisolo offers delicate, exceptionally crafted eco-friendly jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear.

The brand aims to offer an ethical alternative to fast fashion. It’s based on a more sustainable model which prioritizes quality and fair pay over the cheapest price. 

All of their producers receive beyond fair trade wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. And the company is climate-neutral to boot.

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Accompany’s pieces are handmade, limited-edition, and one-of-a-kind, so if you’re somebody who likes unique jewelry that you won’t be able to find in the mall, you’ll love this sustainable jewelry brand.

Their pieces reflect the cultural heritage of the communities that made them with traditional craftsmanship that’s been passed down through the generations. 

Their jewelry is hand-made, and they have a global philanthropic outlook, where they aim to work with “at-risk” or marginalized communities to provide them with empowering opportunities to help them become self-sufficient and raise their standard of living.

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New York-based ethical jewelry brand Aurate offers clean, simple pieces that are prized on quality and sustainability.

Their gold is 100% recycled, sustainably handmade, polished, and perfected by seventh-generation craftsmen. Each of their designs goes through a rigorous 5-step testing process by their in-house team to ensure the highest quality standards. 

They also place a focus on fair prices and are able to offer lower prices by keeping operations local to avoid import taxes, recycling excess, and produce pieces on a made-to-order basis to eliminate extra inventory costs.

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Mejuri offers sustainable luxury jewelry without the mark-up.

They’ve cut out the middleman and sell directly to you while keeping their prices as low as possible. 

Their delicate, high-quality pieces are made from either recycled or fairly-mined materials that support the local communities who made them.

They value traceability and are continually working to improve the social and environmental impacts of their jewelry. 

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Catbird offers ethically sourced jewelry that is made from conflict-free gold and diamonds, and their beautiful line is entirely made in New York.

They also use recycled diamonds that have been removed from older pieces of jewelry, meaning they have zero negative impact on the environment. 

They offer an extensive range of styles and pieces, from affordable ‘every day’ pieces to unique and sustainable wedding and engagement rings.

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ABLE is focused on employing and empowering women as a solution to poverty. They do this by investing in, training, and educating women so they can earn a living and break out of the cycle of poverty. 

The brand was born when its owners met women in Ethiopia who asked for help finding jobs. They initially trained them to make scarves, but they’ve since expanded this to bags, shoes and jewelry too!

Not only are their employment ethics top-notch, but they go one step further by using 100% recyclable packing, and they recycle all of the excess metals from their jewelry manufacturing too.

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MadeTrade offers a range of stylish, modern, and affordable products while also prioritizing fair wages over profits, sustainability above mass production, and quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption.

As well as jewelry, they sell homeware, furniture, and clothing, offering a range of collections, including people of color-owned products, USA-made products, and fair trade products. They also offer an extensive vegan collection. 

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Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart specializes in creating custom engagement and wedding rings, using diamonds and gemstones that are ethically and responsibly sourced.

They’re also able to offer fair trade gold and/or recycled gold and platinum engagement rings to those who want a truly sustainable piece of jewelry.

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ethical earings

Arlokea sells jewelry that is both stylish and affordable, but most of all it’s ethical and is part of a transparent supply chain. The brand is also focused on fighting social injustices and championing activists who are doing this.

As a company, they’re actively looking for ways to reduce waste, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions in everything they produce, and they focus on three key issues as part of their wider social initiatives: health, education, and community. 

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Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore is a brand with a strong conscience. They take deep care in everything – from the raw materials’ origin and how their jewelers are treated and paid, to how the wider company operates and treats itsemployees and customers. 

At its core is an aim to protect and preserve the ocean and the environment, and their pieces are 100% recycled, meaning they contain 98% lower emissions than mined metals.

They also aim to upcycle – using abalone shells from a farm in Phuket, Thailand – that are a by-product of the food industry and would otherwise be discarded – and Japanese Keshi pearls, which are a byproduct of the pearl industry.

They source these from knowledgeable and reliable suppliers and are able to access deadstock strands of Keshi’s that are over 30 years old, which eliminates the need to use new resources in their jewelry.

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