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How to Spring Clean Your Entire House in One Day

Spring cleaning is something I’ve been itching to do for weeks now. There is something so therapeutic about throwing open the blinds, cranking up the music, and deep scrubbing the tile in my bathroom till it shines like the top of the Chrysler building (where my Annie fans at?!). 

But for whatever reason, all those nasty bugs I was able to avoid all winter finally caught up to me. It seems like every weekend I’ve had free has been occupied by some sort of little illness. Ugh! 

This is why it was such a treat to finally get down to business and clean the house this past Saturday. Because our free time these days is limited, I made it a point to come up with a cleaning strategy that would allow Josh and I to deep clean the entire house in one day.

One day. Sound crazy? Well, it worked!

How to Spring Clean Your Entire House in One Day

It can be pretty easy to avoid spring cleaning because it sounds so…committal. But there’s no need to worry! This post will walk you through how to clean your entire home in one day in the most efficient way possible. 

You’ll learn my best strategies for making the most of your time, as well as learn a few eco-friendly cleaning tricks along the way. Enjoy! 

Get in the Mood

Alright folks, it’s going to be a long day. So, throw your hair up in a Rosie the Riveter bandana, turn up your favorite spring cleaning playlist (here’s my favorite!), and set out some snacks. You’re gonna need them! 

Now is also the time to open all the doors and windows to get some fresh air moving through the house.

Make Your Machines Work For You

Once you’ve got a good groove going, strip all the beds, couches, and windows of any linens (sheets, pillow covers, etc.) that can be run through the wash (detergent recipe here!).

You’ll want to keep your washing machine running as efficiently as possible, so set an egg timer for each cycle and keep it close by as you clean the rest of the house. This is also the time to start the dishwasher, if you use one. Try to fill it efficiently and run on a lighter cycle to avoid water waste.

Zero Waste Tip: Have good weather? Set up a clothesline in the backyard and let the sun dry your sheets. I promise, they’ll never smell fresher or look brighter!

Clear a Path

Now that you’ve got your machines handling a lot of the bulk for you, you can really attack the clutter. While we’ve simplified a lot, our clutter tends to congregate in the kitchen, in the main living room space, and on our bedside tables.

If you have kids, or a larger family, you’ll likely spend a lot of time on this step. Here’s how to make it all a little simpler by creating a system! 

Set up a collection bin for every room in the house:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Room
  • Office
  • Garage

Set up a collection bin for everything you want to leave the house:

  • Sell
  • Regift (Yes, it’s okay)
  • Donate
  • Recycle

As you progress through the house, fill each bin with its respective items. Once you’ve handled all the clutter, take each bin to the room it belongs and put everything away. You’ll spend a lot less time going in circles!

Zero Waste Tip: I know how easy it is to get fed up with clutter and send it straight to the trash. Do your best to find solutions that don’t involve sending things to the landfill.

Can you use it to bless someone in need? Could a friend use it? Might it sell online?

Deep Clean Like You Mean It

Now that you’ve cleared a path, it’s time to get down to business. Start by dusting all of the ‘upper surfaces’ in your home – dressers, tables, lamps, ceiling fans, etc. – then wipe down all surfaces with a damp, washable rag. (I recommend using a spray solution made from a few drops of Castile soap and warm water.)

All the dust will settle to the floor where you can then mop it up for good! Once you’ve wiped down the upper surfaces, move to the floors.


If you have hardwood, you’ll want to handle area rugs first: toss little ones in the wash, and freshen your larger area rugs with baking soda, using this recipe. Just sprinkle a little onto the floor, then vacuum normally! 


After the area rugs are sufficiently cleaned, roll them up and focus on mopping hardwood and tile/vinyl. Move chairs, benches, large houseplants, and other furniture out of the way to give yourself easy access to every corner of the floor.

For an easy eco-friendly mop solution, mix a couple tablespoons of Castile soap with a gallon or two of warm water, then get to work! When you’re done, let the area dry then replace area rugs and furniture.

Zero Waste Tip: Once you’re done, empty your vacuum bag of dust, hair, and whatever else straight into the compost. It will turn all that leftover debris into pure goodness that the earth loves!

Tackle Forgotten Areas

By now you should be feeling pretty good! You’ve likely already finished the laundry and every surface is now sparkling. There is no more shining to be done – only organizing.

If you’re anything like me, there are a probably a few corners of the house that tend to get ignored throughout your weekly cleaning routine. For me, that’s the linen closet and the pantry. Use this last hour to handle those trouble spots: use baskets to collect like items and create some semblance of a system, then fill your giveaway bin with anything you’d like to donate. Great contenders are duplicates and ‘unitaskers.

Zero Waste Tip: Look for every opportunity to simplify. I promise it’ll feel so good when you’re done!

Reset and Refresh.

You’re done! Light a scented candle or two, set out a fresh bouquet of spring flowers on the table, and give yourself a mega high five. 

Have you ever attempted to spring clean your entire house in one day? How did it go? Leave your household tips in the comments.